How to Achieve Work-Life Balance: 5 Things to Include in Your Condo Life

Work-life balance is something that everyone wants to have, but are you finding yourself struggling to achieve it? And while it’s true what they say, that forming good habits is the first step to achieving ideal work-life balance, there’s no denying that one’s environment also plays a huge role in one’s physical, mental, and emotional state.

PHINMA Properties, a real estate developer in the Philippines with 30 years of experience, shared with us tips on how to achieve work-life balance. As an expert in building thoughtful properties designed to improve the lives of Filipinos, the company knows a thing or two about helping cultivate work-life balance for its residents.

Metrotowne Condominium Phinma Properties ClubhouseMetrotowne

One of its latest developments, Metrotowne, offers both the advantages of city living while also offering the warmth and comfort of living in a quiet, family-friendly community. As a mid-rise residential development, Metrotowne is designed to provide work-life balance to driven individuals and starting families.

According to Phinma, here are the qualities your property should have to help you live a balanced life.

Access to play and leisure

Metrotowne Condominium Phinma Properties Pool side 2000

You can’t have work-life balance if there’s no play involved in your life. You gotta make time for some fun! Leisurely activities help you de-stress so you can take on work better.

At Metrotowne, within its sprawling 2.1 hectares of development, are amenities designed to help its residents unwind. It boasts of a gorgeous pool area, basketball court, media room and game room for entertainment, outdoor dining space, a playground and playroom for kids, and more.

Amenities to support your health—physical and mental

Metrotowne Condominium Phinma Properties Leisure Park

Achieving work-life balance can be a challenge when you’re not feeling well, physically or mentally. Prioritize self-care because, as the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

This is why in Metrotowne, wellness was an important factor in designing the property and its amenities. Metrotowne features good ventilation, beautiful green spaces, a gym, a jogging path, a leisure park, and sprawling garden areas so you can recharge and take care of yourself when you need it most.

Safety and security

Metrotowne Condominium Phinma Properties Guard House

Part of having work-life balance is never having to worry about your and your family’s safety, so you can focus on living your best life, in and out of work.

Metrotowne is strategically located in a flood-free area and is equipped with CCTVs, a 24-hour roving security team, key card access for its residential buildings, and RFID access for the main gate and parking building. Metrotowne is also a gated community with a guarded entrance and a command center for emergencies.

A nice, peaceful surrounding to help you focus

Metrotowne Condominium Phinma Properties Coworking area

Your environment can affect your state of mind. A crowded, noisy, or messy surrounding can be distracting, while a peaceful, organized, and comfortable one can help you focus on your task at hand.

At Metrotowne, they are dedicated to providing you the work-life balance you’ve been yearning for, on top of a well-built, safe, and comfortable home. That’s why the development was designed the way it is—with function rooms and a co-working space for when you need space to focus on work, and beautiful open spaces and wellness amenities for when you need to relax and feel rejuvenated.

Accessibility to both your place of work and place of respite

Metrotowne Condominium Phinma Properties Evia Lifestyle CenterNearby malls like the Evia Lifestyle Center | Image: Vista Malls

Those who have lived or are living far away from key cities and their offices can tell you how wearying it can be traveling to and back, whether for work or leisurely activities. Add to that traffic, and you can easily waste so many precious hours in just one day. How can you have work-life balance when so much of your spare time is spent on the road?

That is why Metrotowne is strategically located. Nestled in the heart of Las Piñas City, this mid-rise residential development is a stone’s throw away from commercial spaces, malls, restaurants, spas and salons, as well as transport hubs. It’s also close to offices and less than an hour away from key cities and CBDs.

Metrotowne Condominium Phinma Properties Studio UnitMetrotowne Studio Unit

Metrotowne was built so you can experience the work-life balance you’ve been yearning for. It’s made for those who are driven; those who want more in life. And with Metrotowne’s elegant, timeless architecture, strategic location, accessibility, and amenities that support work, play, and relaxation, work-life balance becomes much more achievable.

Metrotowne Condominium Phinma Properties Master BedroomMaster bedroom of the Metrotowne 2-bedroom unit

Metrotowne offers two types of units: a studio at 22.92 square meters and a 2-bedroom at 48.53 square meters. Each unit even comes with a laundry area—something that’s uncommon for condo units.

Get that work-life balance you and your family deserve at Metrotowne. Get a quote here now or through the links below.

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