How Overthinking Can Ruin your Chances at a Forever Love

You’ve been struggling. We know it. You have been thinking about finally going on a date, but you are thinking of every step.

Don’t get me wrong. You should think about your decisions. However, overthinking can ruin your chances at the love you have always dreamed of.


When dating, you always have these standards. You want this. You want that. So, every time someone comes along and he or she doesn’t align with 1 of your 100 standards, you stop.

The list of your standards grow longer and longer. The longer the list gets, the harder it is to tick off everything on it. So you start thinking: should I lower my standards or should I wait and see if there is actually someone perfect for me out there?

I’ve been in that situation. I always wanted a certain kind of guy; but when I met the guy I am with today, I realized that what I wanted was not really what I needed. Sometimes, you don’t know that the one who is meant for you is the most unexpected one. I have friends who always had a non-negotiable list of things that they want in a guy; but then they met someone who really knocked them off of their feet. Now, three of them are happily married with kids.

Love isn’t supposed to be mental torture. It isn’t supposed to be hard. Love should come easily and has to naturally fall into place.

In my previous relationship, I made so many sacrifices and cried over so many arguments. Comparing it to the relationship I am in now, I am realizing that it didn’t have to be that hard. Relationships are supposed to be full of love and happiness – at least most of the time.

Overthinking who to swipe left, who to swipe right, where to eat, what to wear on the first date, what to say, and what to do will torture your mind and will make you see past the good things of your potential partner. You will not see the things they can offer and what they can do for you.

So stop overthinking. Just breathe.