How I Achieved My 2017 Goals: Travel, House, and Charity at Age 23

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I know what you’re thinking: “You have the money that’s why you were able to travel, buy a house, and donate to a charity. I don’t have money. How can I do that?” Yes, let’s not kid ourselves. Money can make you do all these things that’s why I’m here to help you out. Here are the things I did.

I prioritized. What do you want most in your life? Whether it’s for your travel, to provide for your family, buy a new designer hand bag or a car, you have to make sure that you list what you want most. In my case, it was buying a house.

For years, I’ve been saving and opened a savings account just for my house fund. Every cut-off, I transfer money to that account. Expensive gadgets and designer clothings weren’t my priority that is why I was able to save for a house.

I sacrificed. Let’s face it, we can’t have the best of both worlds. Unless you’re filthy rich, you can’t go to Starbucks everyday and expect to still save money for your travels. In my case, I sacrificed sleep, expensive dining with friends, expensive gadgets, partying, and a lot more. If you have a goal in mind, you have to learn how to sacrifice.

I looked for multiple sources of income. If money was a problem then we have to create a solution. We can’t just whine all day long that you can’t afford to do these and that because your salary is not enough. If that’s the case then look for another job. I know it’s easier said than done but don’t stay at a job where you are not compensated enough. If you’re too afraid to risk your job to find a new one then look for a new source of income as sideline. In my case, I also juggle online writing jobs from Remember that the only limit is yourself.

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I didn’t live beyond my means. Even if I have filthy rich friends, I try my best to not be pressured in leveling with their lifestyle.

I know that they have money to spare and I don’t. Up until now, I still commute going back and forth to work. Even if I can afford a car right now, I wouldn’t buy one because I know that I’ll save more with commuting. I’m proud of myself that I have zero debts because I don’t live beyond my means.

I looked for a mentor/financial advisor. As a millennial, you wouldn’t expect me to know everything from saving, filing taxes, and insurance. You have to find the right person to help you with your investment and finances. My financial advisor, Michael Jaleco Lacson (email:, made me realize my goals in life and what to do to achieve it. The financial literacy lesson that we have every week awakens me on where to put my money. It’s 2018 now and it’s time to debunk the misconception that only rich people should have a financial advisor.

I trusted my instinct. I believe that when you are afraid, that’s the perfect time to jump. You can’t wait until you’re ready because we will never be ready. Before I decided to buy a house, I was so afraid thinking that I can never repay the mortgage. I was thinking, “What if I lose all my job? Where will I get the money?” However, I listened and trusted my instinct to not be afraid. Live in the present and don’t live thinking about the negative things tomorrow will bring. I’m happy that I finally paid everything to secure our move to our new house. We just spent our first Christmas and New Year there!

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It’s 2018 and I know that with the right mindset, we can make this the best year of our lives! I may not be where I intend to be but I know that everyday, I’m getting nearer my goal. In order to simplify how to achieve our dreams, I really believe that we just have to list your dreams, look for ways to achieve it, and work towards your dreams every single day. Stop saying “That’s not possible!” and start saying “I can do this!”

Wishing everyone the best of 2018!

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