How Ebe Dancel Changed the OPM Scene Through the Years

Ebe Dancel is most known as the vocalist and guitarist of the band Sugarfree. It has been 20 years since the said band started; and though they’ve been inactive for quite some time now, their music still lives on, thanks to Ebe Dancel. Aside from still singing Sugarfree songs, Ebe hasn’t stopped making music through the years, and I thank him for that.

I first heard Ebe sing “Makita Kang Muli” when I was in grade school. After that, as they say, the rest is history. 13 years later, and I am still a fan of the guy even if Sugarfree has already disbanded. There’s something in his voice that charms the audience just by hearing it. I first saw him at a festival when he was already  doing solo gigs. As I watched him sing “Bawat Daan”, I remember how he changed my perspective on Original Pinoy Music.

Ebe Dancel is one of the few artists I love watching onstage because of how good he sounds live. I only like artists or bands who sound good during their live performances more than they do during recorded sessions. Every single time I get to watch him, I can see him singing his heart and soul out with every strum of his guitar and every lyric that comes out. He touches everyone’s hearts and gives me chills.

He is one of the few artists that don’t need to make a “hugot” speech before singing. He doesn’t even have to explain what his songs are anymore. The songs he sings speak for themselves. He is charming in his own little, quirky way, making the audience feel like he’s just a friend talking to us whenever he performs.

His music is a friend to people. May you be sad or happy, just listen to him sing live or on YouTube and you’ll get the comfort that you need. I always listen to him when I’m sad or feeling down. His music has been there as I cried in my room whenever I got my heart broken. I play his songs whenever I feel lonely and need a friend.

That’s how songs should be. He is one of those artists whose songs can touch people’s lives. He changed the OPM scene by giving us music that doesn’t seem forced and isn’t too mainstream. He gives us a raw and authentic sound that gives us feels without the need to be sad, lonely, or broken. He proved that Pinoy artists can offer great quality to Filipino music. He is proof that Filipino songs can have a heart and touch people’s lives without having to follow a trend.

Whenever I hear Ebe, I know he will stay in people’s hearts forever because he changed how we listen to OPM.
I’m telling you, guys: you won’t regret watching him live.

Experience his magic next year as he holds his first major concert at MetroTent Convention Center with The Manila String Machine at Php3500 (Gold) or Php2500 (Silver). Tickets are now available via ticket2me.

Ebe Dancel


Twitter / Instagram: @ebedancel

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