How Does Chris Hemsworth Look So Good Even When Covered in Sweat, Dirt, Etc.?

How does Chris Hemsworth look so good even when covered in sweat, dirt, etc.? Not kidding. This is an actual question that I posed to Chris Hemsworth when I got to interview him today after the APAC premiere of Extraction 2. Coz I mean… he does. Even director Sam Hargrave let out a loud “I mean, just look at him!” at the press con yesterday. And he does look good. So, so good. It was difficult not to look into his deep blue eyes without drowning in them.

Ahem. Anyway… as I was saying… I asked him if he has any tips on how to look good even when covered in sweat and dirt, and kicking ass, because hey, who wouldn’t want to look perfect while working out or taking action shots under the sun, amirite?

Extraction 2 Trailer Tyler Rake

Photo from Netflix

Chris was so taken aback by my question that he actually turned his back on me for a bit out of what I assume was embarrassment. “It’s a good grooming team,” director Sam Hargrave helpfully chimed in, laughing. After thanking me for the feedback, Chris then praised Sam’s direction. “You just gotta have Sam behind the camera and make sure he’s capturing all your good angles, not your bad ones,” he then went on to say. Basically like an Instagram boyfriend, I guess. :p

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Photo from Netflix

Chris then mentioned Thor as an example, where there was a lot more pruning and prepping of the look. “This was like dirty-it-down, scars, and blood and sweat and so on,” he pointed out. Sam also mentioned that Chris is one of the few people who you can try to make look worse and he looks better, though. “Look at him,” he reiterated.” We lit him on fire, put blood on him, but he looks more handsome and macho in the photos. It’s ridiculous.” Chris kept his humility, though, and asserted that some lighting and good music played a part in it all… If only we could all look as good as him with the right angles, lighting, and music.

Extraction 2 starts streaming on June 16, 2023 – only on Netflix. Don’t miss it!

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