INSPIRING: How 5 Filipinos Earned 5-Digit Profits In 1 Day Through Forex Trading

Over the years, foreign exchange trading (or forex trading) has become one of the most popular ways for Filipinos to earn an additional income for the following reasons: it’s the most liquid market, it’s something that anyone can do on their own time and in the comfort of their own home, and only requires capital of as little as PHP 5,000 yet guarantees several opportunities to make profits.

It’s also something that is easy to understand and do provided that you get the proper education on it from a trusted trading coach like Born2Win Philippines’ Coach Ferdie Pabalan. Coach Ferdie has actually welcomed under his wing clients from all over the country who are business owners, professionals, OFWs, retirees, senior citizens, and government employees, just to name a few.

It just goes to show that forex trading is for everyone—and I do mean everyone. It’s not exclusively for those with large sums of spare money. Anyone from different backgrounds can trade forex and earn from it.

I had the privilege of speaking with five Filipinos about their personal experience with forex trading and how much money they’re making now from their investments, plus their tips for fellow beginners who are keen on trying it out for themselves.

Randy Sanoy, 50, former manufacturing engineer

randy sanoy

Randy Sanoy is now a semi-retired engineer who sought a new source of income to sustain himself. He discovered forex trading in 2020 and met Coach Ferdie Pabalan, but was unable to push through with his education at the time due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Come July 2022, he decided to join Born2Win Philippines’ free webinar and was surprised to discover that it was hosted by Coach Ferdie too. That’s when he decided to enroll in their forex trading program.

And after two months, he was able to achieve a 214% return on his investment: a whopping US$560.37 (~PHP32,870) in just four hours!

Laging meron kang ilolook forward every day,” Randy said about how getting into forex trading has enriched his life. “Aside from that, ang experience ko with my batchmates [ay] napaka-healthy kasi ‘yung aming group chat. Kaya isa iyon sa mga positive na impact ng nagawa ng forex trading.”

Nakikita ko [rin na] 100 dollars per day, doable talaga siya. Mag-aaverage ka ng 500 dollars [per week] or 2,000 dollars every single month. So parang nakita ko na balewala lang ‘yung training fee [to enroll in Coach Ferdie’s program], kaya mo talaga siyang i-ROI within three months.”

He calls Coach Ferdie “the best” teacher he’s ever met because of how attentive and patient he is in guiding his students through the ins and outs of forex trading. “He makes sure na bago niya iwanan ‘yung isang topic, naintindihan ng lahat,” Randy added. “Ang style kasi ni Coach Ferdie, effective din siya talaga e … He sees to it na maintindihan mo and on the last day, on the fifth day [of the program], dapat kaya mo nang mag-place ng trade on your own.”

Randy’s tips for beginners? Just keep practicing every day, keep studying, and stay on top of current events that affect the world economy and the currencies. He also advises people to not be heavily swayed by one’s own emotions when trading, even though it can’t be helped sometimes.

“[Ang experience ko sa forex trading ay] mixed emotions. Actually lahat mararamdaman mo e. Kahit sabihin mo na ang tinuturo sa trading psychology dapat mag-trade ka na walang emosyon, kahit papano tao ka lang e. Syempre ‘pag nakikita mo na tumataas ‘yung values or you’re profiting, okay ‘yung feeling. Pero once nakikita mo naman na ‘yung odds are turning against you, syempre kahit papano affected ka rin. Pero somehow ‘yun ‘yung tinatry namin i-master—‘yung relax lang kahit na nakikita mong nag-ne-negative,” he said.

Mylene De Mesa, 48, team lead for an international company

mylene de mesa

Mylene De Mesa first came across forex trading in 2017 when she was on the hunt for ways to augment her earnings to pay for her father’s hospital bills. Unfortunately, she lost money on her investment and decided to enroll in a program to understand what she did wrong and how to properly trade. However, she called the program “difficult” and she struggled to grasp what was being taught. Until she received her saving grace in the form of a text from Born2Win Philippines inviting her to attend a free forex trading webinar.

Learning under Coach Ferdie was the best decision she’s made because everything she couldn’t comprehend in the first forex trading school she enrolled in now all made sense to her because of the “foolproof” way that Coach Ferdie teaches.

Now, she enjoys the extra income she receives from trading and was even able to buy herself a new car! She also shared how excited she is every day to wake up from her afternoon naps to trade forex—an attitude to money that she believes more people should have.

Mylene also expressed gratitude to Coach Ferdie for how he made forex trading so easy to understand, allowing her to know exactly what she is doing instead of just guessing.

“He not only taught us the strategies, he made it easy pa for us,” she said. “Imagine, we all came from all walks of life pero he was able to connect [with us all].”

Mylene hopes that more Filipinos would be open to learning forex trading as she believes that it can truly enrich your life when you dedicate your time to understanding how it works. “Forex trading isn’t easy. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s not an overnight thing. [But] I think this is something that will have you set for life. This is something na once you’re able to understand, at any time of the day, you can earn money,” she shared.

Elinor Zam, 40s, government employee

elinor zam

Elinor Zam learned about forex trading in 2019 and has attended seminars about it but never pushed through with enrolling in the programs because of the expensive fees.

It’s only with Born2Win Philippines that she became motivated to take part in the five-day course and learn “true trading.”

“It was so exciting [learning from Coach Ferdie] and I’m looking forward to it every day! Sabi ko nga sa sariili ko na parang nagsisi ako na bakit ngayon lang ako nag-enroll sa Born2Win. But as they say, it’s never too late,” Elinor shared.

Magaling talaga magturo si coach, very hands-on, step-by-step, talagang maiintindihan mo. Simple lang siya magturo,” she continued.

Elinor is now considering early retirement and feels at ease knowing that she has another source of income. After graduating from Coach Ferdie’s program in July 2022, she earned as much as US$1,039 (~PHP61,000) in just one hour.

She also feels overjoyed with the new strategy that Coach Ferdie shared with her and her fellow forex trading students called Money Machine which she jokes is like receiving free income from the sky. “Para kang nahulugan ng pera. Mabilis ang pera doon basta tama ‘yung timing mo ng pagpasok. Maximum profit talaga.”

“[People] would be very lucky if they would enroll in Born2Win kasi iba ang turo ni Coach Ferdie. Very hands-on siya. Mas marami silang matututunan,” she continued. “Dadali talaga ‘yung buhay mo [sa forex trading] and it can be a main source of income.”

Dolores Florita, 40s, production operator for an international company

dolores florita

Dolores Florita, who is nearing her 50s, wanted to find another source of income that she can just do in the comfort of her own home and at her own time. Forex trading then piqued her interest after hearing about it online. She then attended Born2Win Philippines’ free webinar and got the offer to sign up for the paid course, and decided to try it out.

In the two months since then, she has earned profits as high as US$608 (~PHP35,600) in just three hours.

Sobrang natutuwa ako kasi sobrang nakikita ko na ‘yung future na maganda talaga [ang forex trading]. Parang life-changing talaga siya,” she gushed.

She particularly commended Coach Ferdie for being a hands-on instructor and for ensuring that every person in the class understands the lesson.

Si Coach kasi sobrang hands-on niya sa mga estudyante. Lahat ng tanong talagang sinasagot niya isa-isa. Talagang matututunan mo lahat ng gusto niyang matutunan mo. Ituturo niya lahat,” Dolores shared.

Her tips for fellow beginners is to really understand what you’re doing. “Analyze mabuti ‘yung i-te-trade mo. Kailangan din maghintay, pero kailangan mo ‘rin malaman kung ano ‘yung hinihintay mo [at] kung tama ba yung hinihintay mo.

Charley Cunanan, 32, freelancer and business owner

charley cunanan

Charley Cunanan only recently learned about forex trading when she and her fiancé were researching for something to invest in. Forex trading became one of their many options after seeing it constantly being talked about and they decided to push through with it upon coming across a Facebook ad from Born2Win Philippines.

Now, Charley is a graduate of Coach Ferdie’s August 2022 course and has earned as much as US$500+ (~PHP 29,000) in only 30 minutes.

“It’s a fulfilling experience because you get to study ‘yung galaw ng currencies. Kapag wala ka kasing alam sa forex trading, you will see it as parang “gambling.” But if you get to learn more about what it is, what it does, and what’s in it for you ‘pag natutunan mo ‘yung analysis and whatnot, it’s a very fulfilling experience and lalo na ‘pag nakaka-earn ka na talaga,” she said.

She shares that what she earns from forex trading is what she spends on personal wants. She also enthusiastically recommends more Filipinos learn forex trading because it’s not just a great way to earn additional income, but it’s also fun.

“It’s fun and it works! And if you put your heart into it, you’ll actually win every day. And through Born2Win, they will not promise you anything. It’s up to you kung paano mo siya pagagalawin,” she said.

“[Coach Ferdie] is a mix of strict and fun. He won’t promise you the sun and the moon [but] he will teach you the basics, he will teach you everything, pati ‘yung pagiging responsible. Hindi lang siya nag-so-stop sa kung ano ‘yung laman ng lesson. He’s also teaching us how to be responsible as forex traders.”

Charley’s tips to fellow beginners are to stay patient and not get too cocky when trading. “‘Wag magmadali. Every day is a learning experience. If you won today, it doesn’t mean that you will win every day.”

She adds: “Coach Ferdie made us learn na although we are doing this, dapat meron pa rin tayong sense of responsibility sa sarili natin na iwas tayo sa greed. Kasi ‘pag ginamit natin ‘yung easy strategies kagaya ng Money Machine, parang matetest ‘yung emotions natin. Kasama sa learnings namin kay Coach Ferdie ang pagtanggal ng greediness sa katawan and at the same time making sure na if meron mang magiging losses for the day, it’s very minimal.”

Are you ready to take the first step toward becoming a profitable trader? Attend any of the free webinars by Coach Ferdie with Born2Win Philippines on the following dates below:

Nov 20, Sun, 1pm-4pm
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Nov 22, Tues, 6pm-9pm
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Stay tuned for more dates in the coming weeks!

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