Hotpot at Home Is Made Easier With This Electric Pot

The best thing about rainy days is having the chance to enjoy savory meals and soups. Yes, Filipinos don’t care whether it’s sunny or rainy when we’re slurping down hot soup, but it’s undoubtedly more enjoyable when the breeze is cold and you’re hearing raindrops fall on the roof.

If you’re planning to enjoy hotpot at home, especially since it’s still recommended to stay at home, you’ll definitely need this electric hotpot cooker.

hotpot 1

Photo from Shopee

This electric hotpot has a division in the middle so that you can cook both savory and spicy broth at the same time—just like in your favorite hotpot restaurant! Because it’s an electric cooker, there’s no need for you to get an induction stove or portable gas stove just to enjoy delicious hotpot at the table. Just plug it in and you’re ready to cook!

This hotpot cooker can serve 4-10 people at once! It’s also great to have for rainy day celebrations at home.

hotpot 2

Photo from Shopee

It also features a minimalist design that will add a visual treat to your meal.

If you’re craving hotpot at home, this minimalist electric cooker is a must-have.

Buy this electric hotpot cooker here!

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