This Hotel in Quezon City Will Inspire You to Go Green

I have been to Cocoon Boutique Hotel thrice now and I can honestly say that my staycations there keep improving with each visit.

Upon arriving and checking in at the hotel, everything looked better from what I remembered — and that’s saying something because I have loved Cocoon Boutique Hotel since Day 1. The elegant lobby perfumed with an alluring, familiar lobby scent and complemented by the warm and commendable staff immediately sets the tone for a great impression.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel 12

The Family Room, which was the same room we booked during our first visit, was inviting as always. Its cabin theme (like all the other rooms in the hotel) mirrors the serenity you would normally feel on a nature getaway.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel 1

The setup was similar to what my memory served, but everything looked even better.

The place was well-kept from corner to corner; the motifs and décor exuded a more organic feel; and their goal to be environmentally-responsible was all the more emphasized.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel 2

Those improvements were not only visible there, either. Being one of the pioneers of green hotels in the country, each aspect of their hotel is aligned with their vision to achieve sustainable solutions for luxurious yet environmentally-friendly services — and this includes their events and programs.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel 4

For example, last March 30, they organized an event in partnership with WWF to celebrate Earth Hour. It was a simple gathering for like-minded individuals. A vegetarian buffet was served while talks by esteemed environmental advocates were delivered before the momentous lights-off countdown began.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel 9

While waiting for Earth Hour to pass, acoustic performances made the candle-lit venue more magical. Before we knew it, like the rest of the world, the power returned along with the people’s renewed appreciation for electricity.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel 7

It was a memorable night, albeit the simplicity. You could truly see the passion Cocoon Boutique Hotel puts into their actions to care for and nurture the environment. This inspired us to maintain and strengthen the Green Movement; not just during the Earth Hour, but for our lifetime.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel 8

Cocoon Boutique Hotel proves that it’s possible to enjoy life’s little pleasures with minimal impact on the environment. This applies to people’s everyday lives at work, in school, etc. With simple yet sustainable actions, we can promote a lifestyle that’s environmentally-responsible. Who knows? If you’re passionate enough, you might be able to encourage others to do the same.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel 6

If you’re looking for green movements, Cocoon Boutique Hotel is a good place to start at. They organize events from time to time, which you can view on their socials and on their website.

You can also check in at Cocoon Boutique Hotel and experience the beauty of an ecologically-sustainable green hotel firsthand. I suggest staying in their Family Room because of it is both spacious and cozy.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel 3

Have you joined the Green Movement yet? Tell us about it!

Cocoon Boutique Hotel

61 Scout Rallos St, cor Sct. Tobias St, Diliman, Quezon City

Website: https://www.thecocoonhotel.com

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