Hey Sugar! Why is Sugaring the Sweeter Choice in Hair Removal?

Hey Sugar! is the name of the waxing salon that, from outside, looks like a pastry shop because of its dainty country style setup. The exterior design, which apparently is used in all branches, turned out to be just the beginning of an “enlightening” experience for me. I learned a lot more about this sweet method hair waxing from the salon’s highly knowledgeable estheticians, which was indeed reassuring.

facade copyHey Sugar! can immediately make customers feel at ease right away from the exterior alone.

Sugaring is not just another beauty regimen fad. It is a great alternative to ordinary wax hair removal method simply because it uses–you guessed it–pure sugar, instead of chemical resins and preservatives that commercial hot waxes contain.

Because it is made out of natural ingredients, a quick google search will tell you how to easily make your own sugar wax at home. But as with any DIY beauty products, you run the risk of not doing the actual hair removal properly. This involves hair where the sun doesn’t shine, so better ask yourself a million times first before scrimping on paying professionals who can do it for you the right way.

sugar copyTemptingly sweet, sugar wax at Hey Sugar! has nothing but sugar and kalamansi in it.

Estheticians at hair removal salon Hey Sugar! will tell you that the sugar wax they use is so natural that it is actually edible. The only other ingredient in their sugar is kalamansi (Philippine lemon) to aid in skin whitening the organic and safer way. On my first visit to the Bicutan outlet, the session was not only pleasant but informative as well–thanks to my engaging esthetician, Anne, whose hands are as light as a feather yet impressively efficient. She clued me in on more reasons why sugaring is such a sweet deal:

lounge copyThe country feel is all at once relaxing and comforting to every guest at Hey Sugar!

It is LESS painful. Let’s not kid ourselves. Pulling out strands of hair in one swift motion has got to be painful. With sugaring, though, the pain is a lot more tolerable even for a newbie. This is because unlike chemical and honey wax, sugar wax sticks only to the hair and not the skin to avoid irritation. 

It is faster. It pulls hair from the roots, and therefore eliminates repetitive pulling (ouch!) that is common in non-sugar waxing.  It doesn’t leave you with a sticky feeling, and is easy to clean with water.

reception desk copyAnxious first-timer? Maybe this cheerful reception area can soothe your nerves.

It is safe. Nothing can be safer than an all-natural product. Even those with sensitive skin should pull this off. Sugaring is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Only those who are pregnant, have diabetes, or have exaggerated low tolerance for pain need extra precaution (or gentle persuasion for the latter).

It’s hot. It’s cold. Some like it hot, not because it’s better, but because it’s more soothing. Those who prefer it cold may probably be more practical if only because it’s cheaper. The results are the same either way. For newbies, the hot sugar wax is advisable for the reason I just mentioned. Once you get the hang of it, you can go cold after your first three or four sessions.

room copyClean and cozy. You can be sure it’s just between you and your well-trained esthetician.

While sugaring can take out even the most difficult hair regardless of texture, there would always be the stubborn ones that will be left behind. This is especially true if you used to shave or pull out unwanted hair via tweezers. Hey Sugar! estheticians use threading to finish the job and avoid leaving ingrown hair. The surprising part is the free massage and disposable underwear to complete the afternoon experience.

So whether you’re thinking of having a Brazilian or wanting to have a TV commercial-worthy underarm from your hair wax treatment, sweeten the deal with sugaring. It will keep you coming back for sure.



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