Hey Moonshine to Release a Song That Encourages to Fight Against Dishonesty and Corruption

Few musicians walk the talk and live the songs they sing. But local band Hey Moonshine had proven that artists can actually live up to their advocacy.  

Hey Moonshine

Photo: Hey Moonshine official page

To those unfamiliar with the band, Hey Moonshine is a southern rock group signed under Viva Records and had previously released songs about peace, good governance, equality, and service. Lately, the members of the band had also shown that they not only have hearts but also have the commitment to help others in need and stand up for what is right.

For the past year or so, Hey Moonshine has been active in community service. They have been helping the needy. They gave out books and educational materials to underprivileged kids. They provided medicine to a group of indigenous people. They gave out food and clothes to victims of calamities. Of course, they have always been ready to perform for benefit concerts and events. In 2022, we have seen them stand up against historical revisionism and electoral deception.

But they are not yet done. 

Hey Moonshine to Release a Song That Encourages to Fight Against Dishonesty and Corruption

On June 23, 2023, Hey Moonshine is releasing their latest single entitled “Simulan Mo Na”. According to the band, it will be a call to action that encourages the country to fight corruption and dishonesty. The single will be launched during a song release party to be held at Music KZ Bar in Taft Avenue, Pasay City. Together with Hey Moonshine are fellow musical advocates Nica Del Rosario, Dong Abay, Color It Red, Bita and the Botflies and Piranha. There will also be special appearances by 2023 Senatorial candidates Atty. Luke Espiritu and Teddy Baguilat. Tickets for the event cost P450.00 with one free beer, available online at ticketmax.ph.

The song will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, and other digital platforms also on June 23, 2023. But the band encourages everyone to come over to the Song Release Party to experience the live energy of the song.