He’s Still Got It! Watch Efren “Bata” Reyes Impress the Crowd with a Pool Trick During Match in Germany

This guy isn’t known around the world as “The Magician” for nothing. Professional pool player and Pinoy pride Efren “Bata” Reyes has wowed the crowd once again!

Capping off the year with one hell of the game, Reyes spent last December 30th in a match against German players. The match reportedly took place in Pinneberg, Germany, where he and another Pinoy treasure in the sport, Francisco Bustamante, faced off with eight other opponents.

In this specific match against German player Reiner Prohaska (which he totally won by the way), Reyes once again did his “oh shoot I messed up that one….NOT! Fooled yah!” bit and, frankly, we love him for it. Such a sport.

Watch the amazing trick below:

Well done, Mr. Reyes. After all these years, still slayin’ it.


Did you see that coming? What are your favorite Efren Bata Reyes pool tricks? Send us some links in the comments!