Here’s your first look at Disney’s live-action ‘Lady and the Tramp’

If you thought Disney had already exhausted their live-action remakes quota for the foreseeable future, then you thought wrong. It seems the studio has had a Lady in the Tramp live-action version in the works for some time now. At least, enough time for it to be ready by November 12, 2019.

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The remake was discussed during Disney’s Investor Day presentation where they spent their time talking about Disney’s new content. Aside from a number of MCU and Star Wars spin-off’s, this live-action Lady and the Tramp happens to be one of their main focuses this year.

So what do we know about this remake? Aside from it (obviously) following the story of the original, we do have an idea of how the film will look. Contrary to the trend of having CGI versions of animals, Lady and the Tramp utilizes actual animals who are trained to be on camera. As a low-budget film, many expect it to be reminiscent of older dog-movies which simply dubbed voices over the animals in question.

Thomas Mann (Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl) who will be playing Jim Dear shared this about the project:

I really think it’s an enhanced version of the world that you saw before. Obviously, the human characters are a little more flushed out. They’re not these passing faces that you barely get a glimpse of. You get to know them a little bit better. And also, there are real dogs. Who doesn’t want to see two real dogs kiss over a plate of spaghetti? That is the main draw for me. You get the charisma of real dogs in there. Lady and the Tramp came out in 1955. I understand people who are like, “Don’t mess with the original,” but they aren’t re-animating it. It’s a live-action remake. So, why not?

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Kiersey Clemons (ScoobAustin & Ally) will be playing Darling with Yvette Nicole Brown (Community) as Aunt Sarah. Tessa Thompson (Thor: Ragnarok, Creed) and Justin Theroux (American Psycho) will be leading the voice cast as Lady and the Tramp respectively. Ashley Jensen (Ugly Betty), Benedict Wong (Doctor Strange), Sam Elliott (A Star is Born) and Janelle Monáe round out the rest of the pups as Jackie, Bull, Trusty, and Peg accordingly.

What do you think about this new live-action remake? Excited or dreading it? 


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