Here’s Why Paying for Things with Your Smartphone is So Much Better

A typical scenario at the department store almost every time I make a payment for my purchases: Literally having to rummage through my wallet for lesser bills or dig for coins since the cashier doesn’t have enough smaller bills and coins for my change.

I mean, come on. Do I really have to wish for all ATMs to dispense some hundreds instead of Php1,000 bills every time I withdraw money? Well, luckily, that’s a thing of the past, at least for me. Now, I can easily pay for things using my smartphone and not go through all that hassle.

Paying for all your purchases at the mall with a few taps is actually possible. No cash and cards involved (except for your Rewards card, probably). You can just make a few clicks on your mobile phone and have your purchases all paid for and ready for you to take home. That’s like a dream come true, right?

Well, with the rise of mobile payment, paying has now been made a whole lot easier. You pick what you want to buy, whip your phone out at the cashier, and there you go, life is already so much better. There are ways to experience cashless payment, but I do find the PayMaya app to be one of the perfect companions in living the cashless life.

I got to try it first at The SM Store, where there are mobile pay lanes dedicated for cashless payments. I simply lined up at the cashier, opened my PayMaya app, scanned the QR code on display, entered total amount I needed to pay, had the people at the cashier check it, tapped send payment, and voila, the purchase has been made. Congratulations, I guess I’m now a real modern person!

I mean, swear, mobile payment is just easier and the people at the cashier will be more than happy to accommodate anyone with completing a mobile payment. It’s faster, too, since you won’t have to search for smaller bills, dig for coins, count the change, etc. You can totally enjoy the convenience of paying for all your shopping finds using a smartphone.

You can download the PayMaya app on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Simply register for an account using your mobile number, load up at any of the 15,000 load-up touchpoints nationwide, and use the “Scan” QR feature within the app to pay for all your purchases. Really easy!

Also, if you make a purchase from January 15 up to April 15, you get to enjoy a 10% rebate (up to Php100 per branch per day) on your purchases. Plus, for every Php1,000 spend, you get a chance to win an iPhone X. So, why not give a try? Who knows, maybe you’d soon be embracing the cashless life, too.

What do you think of mobile payment? Share your thoughts with us!


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