Here’s Where You Can Get Those Trending Temporary Tattoos

People always say that tattoos are such a huge commitment, and it really is! If you’re thinking about getting tattooed yourself but you’re not yet ready for that kind of commitment, or if you’re still trying to decide which design to get, then temporary tattoos are your best bet.

Temporary tattoos have been around for a long time already, but they’ve recently trended again on Tiktok. So, if you want to get in on the trend and get yours, here are some temporary tattoos you can get on Shopee:

Photo from Shopee

This 56-piece waterproof temporary tattoo features words in minimalist designs. This is definitely perfect if you’re thinking of getting a word tattoo and you want to see what it might look like.

Buy this word tattoo set here!

Photo from Shopee

If you want to practice creating your own designs, this temporary tattoo ink kit is a great option. This kit also includes minimalist tattoo stencils as a basis for your designs.

Buy this temporary tattoo ink kit here!

Photo from Shopee

Want colorful tattoos? These minimalist temporary tattoos feature a watercolor effect for a more vivid and lively vibe for your tattoos!

Buy these colorful temporary tattoos here!

Photo from Shopee

These dainty mini temporary tattoos are also a great way to help you decide your next permanent tattoo design! With 75 designs in this set, you’ll definitely find one that fits your mood every few weeks.

Buy these mini temporary tattoos here!

Have fun with your temporary tattos and go crazy creative!

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