Here’s where you can get SUPER AFFORDABLE yet trendy eyewear!

As someone who has been wearing glasses since the 4th grade, I find it very difficult to find eyeglasses that are stylish and also affordable. Most optic shops I go to usually have a huge price tag on styles that are fashionable. Fortunately, in this day and age that eyewear has also become an accessory aside from a medical aid, trendy specs are a bit easier to find. Looking affordable yet stylish eyewear? We’ve got the store for you!

Baobab Eyewear is a local online shop established in late 2016. It was started by Eunice Abalos, a college student who needed extra income.

“I wanted to earn extra money for myself because I didn’t like asking my parents for more money since they’re already providing me with so much. I borrowed 8000 pesos from my dad and after 4 months I gave it back to him in full amount,” she shares with

And now, 2 years later, she’s the sole owner of an online business that has more than 18,000 followers on Instagram.

Baobab Eyewear has more than 20 styles of spectacles and a dozen designs of sunglasses. With that wide range of designs, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your face shape and style.

Right now, the bestselling pairs of spectacles are the ones with a round frame. One of them, the Ana, has quaint little pearls at the end of the frame, adding a soft touch to the pair.

The brand also offers unique styles of glasses, such as the Belen which has an octagon-shaped frame, and the Raphaela which is a pair of teardrop-shaped sunglasses that will make you feel like a superstar.

Personally, the best thing about Baobab Eyewear is that aside from offering stylish frames at such an affordable price (each pair starts at PHP 299!), they also offer graded lenses!

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I’m sure that anyone who actually needs glasses would understand how difficult it is to look for affordable eyewear that includes graded lenses. Baobab Eyewear will gladly give you the lenses you need starting at PHP 500! Just be sure to get a recent checkup from your eye doctor to be sure that you get your right eye grade.

The woman behind this brand knows about the struggles of eyewear herself, and that’s the reason why she chose to establish a business on eyewear. “I chose eyewear because I had my eyes checked that time and I found out my eyes already had grade. When I was choosing frames I didn’t see any frames that fit my style. I decided to create my own eyewear brand with frames that are both stylish and functional,” she says.

“Baobab caters to anyone who wants to experiment with accessories and styling, without having to think much about the price. I keep the brand’s price range at a minimum. I want people to love the brand for its products, price range, quality, and excellent customer service.”

As someone who finally got an awesome piece of eyewear that I actually love to wear, I can say that Baobab is now my favorite eyewear brand.

Baobab Eyewear

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