Here’s How To Pack Light When You’re Traveling Abroad

So you’re going on a trip to another country! Good for you. Traveling can be exciting — but for the newbie traveler, it can get challenging just thinking about the items you have to bring along with you. But don’t fret about possibly bringing your entire closet for what is most likely a one-week affair; here, we have tips on how to pack light and choose the essentials. We crowdsourced for some of the best tips from seasoned travelers!

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Forget your “just in case” items. – Maricor, 51

Bringing that extra dress “just in case” you meet someone cute abroad? Packing those flip-flops “just in case” you might end up hitting the beach on a side trip? Ditch them altogether. You’re supposed to be packing your must-have items, not clothes saved for what-if situations. If you’re traveling for about a week, there’s only so much within that span of time that can happen spontaneously. Even if something does come up, figure it out with a temporary solution, such as borrowing or buying items within your budget. It’s not worth the hassle to be lugging around a few extra kilos of luggage you might not even need.

Pack neutral colors. – Mark, 25

Go for your whites, blacks, grays, browns — you’ll want to pack neutral colors, or at the very least, hues that can easily be paired with. If for example, you’re bringing your favorite purple sweater, be sure to have bottoms that go well with your article of clothing. You don’t want to be bringing all sorts of items individually only to have them clash when it’s time to bring them out. Try to imagine a basic wardrobe you’re working with for your trip.

Roll, don’t fold. – Kate, 26

Rolling takes up much less space than folding does. Bulky items, such as pants and sweaters, go into the corners of your bag, then fill up the middle with the rest of your garments. If you’re bringing something heavy such as wool, though…

Wear your bulky items. – Keisha, 25

Some items, such as winter jackets and wool sweaters, don’t pack well even when they’re rolled. If you’re traveling to a place with a cooler climate, just wear your heaviest pieces of clothing. Even when it ends up being too hot for the plane ride, just stow them away at an overhead compartment or place them on your lap.

Bring only two to three pairs of shoes. – Joanna, 24

You’re most likely going to need only two or three pair of shoes when you’re abroad. If you’re traveling for business, bring one pair for dressier occasions, and then one for more casual affairs, aside from the ones you’re wearing on the way.

Pack the lightest items last. – Jam, 24

Light items, such as toiletries, go last in the suitcase. This is so you can ensure that everything essential has been packed, and these smaller items can wedge themselves better into those tiny crevices. With toiletries, you’re also going to have to be smart as airports have enforced stricter restrictions when it comes to size and quantity of liquid items.

Other tips on how to pack light? Let us know!