Here’s how this company is making it fun to go to the office

There was a time when going to the office meant working eight hours straight without any form of joy or leisure. Now, workplaces are designing ways to make offices appealing with perks, benefits, and extracurricular activities. After all, these things have been found to boost productivity. Sometimes, something as simple as adding plants makes employees healthier and can reduce sick days.

For one company in Makati, being different by design is part of their DNA.

Concentrix is a business process outsourcing (BPO) firm that’s making it fun for employees through [programs].

These programs are the things that make Concentrix unlike other companies. Their tagline is Different by Design and it’s evident in the way they promote their company culture. This was shown when Concentrix recently merged with Convergys. To celebrate the historic merger, the staff were encouraged to come in their “best look” that represents their personal flavor or style. A video challenge was also held among all the employees. The best dressed and the most creative across all centers were given exciting prizes. Everyone got to enjoy the celebration with snack boxes filled with yummy treats.

It’s not surprising that Concentrix would invest so much in their Philippine hub since it makes up 36% of their global headcount. The Philippines has a staff of 80,000 employees, spread across 45 centers in 15 cities. To date, it is serving 130 clients in almost every industry type. The country was also the host of the recently-held Strategic Leadership Summit, where [details].

Concentrix is becoming one of the most fun places to work in because of their company culture. Offices have changed in the last few years.

Now, not a lot of people, especially millennials, want to work in boring spaces where they come in to clock in and out. They want something lively. For Concentrix, it has always been the way they work.