Here’s how 46 churchgoers in South Korea got infected with coronavirus

This is why it’s important to fact-check before believing in anything

Photo from UPI

Currently, 46 churchgoers have the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19)— all because of saltwater.

In the hopes that salt would kill the virus, a church in South Korea sprayed saltwater in the mouths of followers. But this false belief hit them hard since they contracted the disease instead. This happened because they used the same spray bottle without disinfecting the nozzle, according to authorities.

Image from The Korea Herald

Based on a video from the River of Grace Community Church in Gyeonggi Province, the church official would stick the nozzle deep into the followers’ mouths. This took place in a prayer gathering that was attended by 100 followers on March 1 and 8. Aside from the followers, even the pastor and his wife were infected.

The believers who attended the prayer sessions are being tested, and the Church was subsequently closed. This incident caused the South Korean government to begin investigating new virus clusters in the city. As of Monday, South Korea confirmed 74 new cases, bringing up the total to 8,236. However, the numbers are lower compared to the people who recovered and were recently discharged. But according to Prime Minister Cung Sye Kyun, “it’s still too early to relax.”

We couldn’t agree more. (Also, let this be a PSA that saltwater does not kill the virus)

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