Here’s A Project Led By Students That Gives Hope To People Battling Mental Health Issues

If there’s one thing I’m very proud of about our generation, that would be the fact that we always take action. When we realize our passions, we pursue them. When we see something wrong, we speak up. When we notice that there’s a need for something, we initiate.

Mental health issues are real, and they take real people away from us. Thus, here’s an initiative called ‘Project: HOPE’ that offers not counseling to people battling mental health issues, but simply someone to talk to.


Read more about our interview with Project: HOPE Founder Christian Quinto below.

1. What is Project: HOPE?

Basically, Project: HOPE is a support group that helps people who are battling mental health issues like depression, anxiety, bipolarity, etc.

2. Who is behind the project?

Actually, every HOPE volunteer is a part of Project: Hope naman and I’m happy because there are a lot of people who would like to dedicate their time to help someone in need. The founder of this support group is me, Christian “Chi” Quinto (College student from UST) and the co-founders are Roanne Garcia (College student from DLSU)  and Adrienne “Adie” Onday (College student from UP). Then I assigned  some Hope Volunteers to handle the twitter account and maybe soon may teams na and even positions para madistribute yung gawain namin sa group.

3. How did it all start?

Actually matagal ko na siya plan gawin because hindi joke ang mental health issues and never siya magiging joke. Honestly, I was bullied since I was in 5th grade, I tweeted about it, and then people reacted naman. Some of my friends din are having a difficult time with their situations and they get depressed and anxious about it. So, I decided to form this support group na then I asked help from Roanne asked if she wants to collaborate with me to form this support group and she said yes naman. Then there’s this girl, Adrienne, I asked her if she wants to help us form this group and she said yes. Kaming tatlo yung nagsimula ng group and kinalat namin yung word na may ganito kaming ginawa na support group so if ever na they need help and/or they want to help, then join us and be a HOPE Volunteer.

Actually, we’re planning din sana na magkaroon kami ng events para mas makatulong pa kami lalo like open mic events, tapos magpapaactivity kami ganun para mafeel nila na andito kami palagi sa kanila. Our inbox is always open! Sa twitter (@projecthopeph), facebook group ( and sa email ( They can hit us up anytime and we’ll be there!

4. What does Project: HOPE aim to do?

Well, we would like to help those in need, make them feel better and make them feel na hindi sila nagiisa. Pati sa pagharap sa mga problems nila and kung ano man situation na hinaharap nila, we’ll do our best to be there for them and to focus on raising awareness for mental health conditions as well as making it more acceptable and less stigmatized in society.

5. Any word for those who are going through these battles?

There’s no easy way up. We always face these kinds of curves in life, but it is a part of it. Always remember that someone is there for you, someone to catch you when you feel like falling. AND never ever be afraid to speak up whenever you feel something.

If you wish to volunteer, donate and help in any way that you can, kindly contact Christian Quinto at 0905-405-3931. And if you wish to talk to someone, feel free to reach out to Project: Hope. Their inbox is always open.

Project: Hope