Here’s A New More Affordable Way to Stay Connected to 4G When Traveling Abroad


Discovered this super cool service at the recent Philippine Travel Mart held a few weeks ago…. an overseas unlimited wifi router rental servicee called Flytpack.

Staying connected is an absolute must for me, so whenever I travel abroad, and it has been my habit to buy a local 4G sim card upon arriving at my destination.

You see, I’m not really a fan of data roaming, since I’ve had unpleasant experiences in setting it up aside from its expensive daily charges. 

I got super curious about Flytpack’s service and actually felt a bit skeptical (at first), so I immediately checked their website to know how it works.

flytpack 1

Flytpack is an overseas unlimited wifi router rental service that you can conveniently use abroad. It offers fixed daily rates (which you buy pre-paid online at least 5 days before departure) for as low as P180 pesos depending on your destination.

To avail of Flytpack’s service, you just need to make a deposit of P2,800 pesos (aside from your daily data cost) which you will of course get back after return of the router kit. Also, it is important that you reserve a router at least 3 days before your flight, because they will be setting up the router and deliver it right at your doorstep 1 day before your flight. Then once you get back from your trip, they will also pick it up in your address a day after arrival.

So easy and convenient!!!

Let me show you how their kit looks like…

Each Flytpack router kit includes:

  1. carry case
  2. router
  3. universal charger
  4. usb cable

How to use the Flytpack router:

Upon arriving at your country of destination, simply turn on the router, open your wi-fi in your smartphone, connect to the SSID, then enter the password indicated in your router.


I was impressed with the quick hassle free setup. All I had to do was basically turn it on and connect to its wi-fi.

Soooooo EASY! Anyone can do it!

I was also amazed with the 4G internet speed as I never had any connection problems during my event coverage in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. The Flytpack router can even service up to 5 devices, making it ideal for group trips. I also liked the fact that its battery life was dependable, as I never had to recharge the router even after a full day of work!

And yes, after my trip, they even picked it up at my house. Super convenient and hassle free!

Here are the destinations which they can service:


Renting a Flytpack router was indeed one of the best decisions I made during my last trip abroad.   With Flytpack, I’m able to quickly connect to the internet immediately after aircraft landing. From now on, I don’t need to stress myself in connecting to free airport wi-fi services that can be difficult to set-up, especially when in a non-English speaking country. I can also enjoy fast 4G connection as I tour places. I also love their service a lot, and it’s way more affordable than roaming charges. If you’re going out the country, I highly recommend you try this wonderful service! Highly recommended! I will definitely rent one again on my next trip abroad!

For more info, check out their website: