Here Are Some Of The Most On Point Reactions To The Game of Thrones Series Finale

Loved it or hated it, this final season of Game of Thrones has definitely been a ride. And this last episode was like the final dip a rollercoaster takes before coming to an end — surprising and not entirely pleasant depending on who you ask. But at last, after 8 seasons, we finally have some answers to our biggest questions. 

Here are some of our favorite reactions to getting those conclusions (some good, some bad): 

There were those celebrating their favorite characters and the progress they made:

Others were expectedly criticizing that highly unexpected outcome:

Perhaps because of that discontent, some looked back on those who had passed but had so much potential:

Some talked about how they felt these endings were unjust:

Some just enjoyed the few moments of comedic relief:

The agreed on standout, whatever else was thought about the episode, was Drogon:

Finally, no matter whether you loved it, hated it, or felt something in between there was a lot of love and gratitude for the show:

(The 24 Best Reactions to Robin Arryn During the GoT Season Finale)

Share your favorite meme/reaction to the finale with us in the comments! 


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