Help the Philippine Animal Rescue Team Build New Animal Shelters!

Help the Philippine Animal Rescue Team Build New Animal Shelters!


PART and Pendragon Health Group are embarking on a fundraising campaign to build a new animal shelter and we need your help to reach our goal:
– Raise 250,000 Pesos by March 31, 2014 for Phase 1
– Raise 250,000 Pesos by June 30, 2014 for Phase 2



The new PART’s Paws and Claws Pet Haven and Adoption Center will be located in Bulacan. This new location is away from residential neighborhoods and businesses. The new shelter will have plenty of room to allow the dogs to roam free and just be dogs without neighbors complaining of noise and without the risk of both animals, shelter staff, visitors, and volunteers being harassed. 

As part of our “green initiative,” the new location will also provide PART with the opportunity to take advantage of the natural surroundings of the land such as the trees, vegetation, and garden. PART volunteers will be able to plant fruits and vegetables that will be used to feed both the animals and shelter staff as well as a source of potential income. Environmentally friendly materials such as solar powered lights will be used which will result in lower energy consumption and lower energy bills.  

PART’s new shelter will consist of the following:


– Farm size: 4 Hectares or approx. 10 acres
– Total number of kennels: 23
– Size of kennels: 4.5m x 5m each
– Capacity: approximately 200 dogs total
– Number of cattery: 2
– Size of cattery: 4.5m x 5m each
– Capacity: approximately 60 cats total- Staff quarters- Size: 4.5m x 5m

– Bathroom
– Office
– Sick room
– Nursery for puppies
– Nursery for kittens
– Volunteers’ lounge
– Play area and training grounds for dogs


Cost Estimate: 250,000 Php 
(labor and materials)

Number of kennels: 3
Kennel size: 4.5m x 5m each
Number of cattery: 2
Cattery size: 4.5m x 5m each
Staff quarters: 1 
Size: 4.5m x 5m each
Bathroom: 1
Office: 1


Cost Estimate: 250,000 Php 
(labor and materials)

Nursery for puppies
Nursery for kittens
Sickroom for animals
Volunteers’ lounge
Animals’ play area

NOTE: Phase 2 Proposed Floor Plan will be posted as soon as it’s available.



Provides a safer and friendlier environment for our animals and staff
Provides more space to allow our dogs to roam and exercise 
Provides space for agility training 
Decreases risk of disease for animals, staff, volunteers, and visitors as the new shelter will be an open-air facility  
Increases work space for shelter employees
Provides more space for more volunteers
Provides a better bonding environment for both potential adopter and adoptee which can potentially increase adoption rates
Provides for space for out of town or foreign visitors/volunteers which can potentially be a source of income and increase PART’s visibility through word-of-mouth
Uses environmentally friendly materials and promotes our green initiative and desire to be earth-friendly.


Note: Phases 3 and 4, rest of the kennels to be constructed and completed at a yet to be determined later date.


As part of our fundraising campaign, PART has several donation opportunities for companies and individuals to share in this exciting and lifesaving project. Your donation will be permanently displayed in and out of the facility and the surrounding areas. 

Naming Opportunities:
– Naming rights to one of the kennels: 40,000
– Naming rights to one of the catteries: 40,000

Your name on the Visitors’ Lounge: 
– A tile to be painted with donor’s name. A special dog or cat graphic can also be selected
– Your name on a sign on our vegetable/garden area
– A commemorative Paw Print with donor’s name on our “Wall of Pawsibilities”


Support the New Beginnings Paws and Claws Shelter Project and help create a world of pawsibilities.




BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands)
Philippine Animal Rescue Team PART Inc. 
Checking Acct: 0421-0757-86

Please provide your full name, address, phone number and a copy of your deposit slip/confirmation by email to: donations@philanimalrescue.org

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For more info, visit https://www.philanimalrescue.org/new-beginnings-initiative.html or https://www.facebook.com/PhilAnimalRescueTeam




Help the Philippine Animal Rescue Team Build New Animal Shelters!