Help Filipina Woman Find Her Dream Guy #HESTHEONE

Help Filipina Woman Find Her Dream Guy #HESTHEONE


Let’s help Harlene Azuela find this mystery man whom she found while aboard a train in Singapore.

A few months ago, Harlene posted this video on her Facebook in the hope to find this guy. In the video, she stated that she would really like to meet and get to know this guy and if his personality is at par with his looks. How about giving her a chance? C’mon!!!

People say that true love comes only once. Unfortunately for Harlene, she wasn’t able to even get his name ‘coz maybe she was too shy as it’s not in our culture to approach guys. Personally, I think I would also do the same. hihihihi Hey, but our girl here did’t forget him all this time, so I guess he must be really special then! So how about we give this girl a chance to see if this mystery guy is indeed “The One!”

dream guymystery guy and Harlene: 


Here’s what Harlene posted on her Facebook a few months ago:

Due to insistent public demand I have decided to upload this paparazzi video (I was of course the paparazzi!) of a handsome guy inside the train at Singapore. This video was inspired by Star Cinema’s She’s The One, so hashtag and share all you want let’s see if it could happen in real life 

P.S. Thanks to my accomplice Jinky and to my cheerleaders Desiree,Chiqui, Marlies, Shy. And to my competition Michael, I gave you the chance! Hahaha


Here’s the full video. Please take a good look at our guy and see if you recognize him!


  If you happen to recognize him or know him, please  let us know!!! 


After watching the video, I couldn’t help but be so curious and “kilig.” Questions like, is he single? Is he from the Philippines? How old is he etc started filling my mind. I really hope we find this mystery guy which Harlene is looking for!


Good Luck Harlene in finding “The One!”


If this same situation happens to you, would you approach the person or not? 

How can you tell when someone is really THE ONE? 


We would love to hear your thoughts!



After posting this article on our FB, some of our readers shared an article about the said viral video. According to 

A Stomper sent in a message on Facebook informing Stomp that someone who claims to know the man said in a comment that he is a nice guy and is happily attached to a woman.


Hmmmm so it seems that our mystery guy is already taken…. awwww!!

Don’t worry Harlene, Mr Right is just out there and he will come when the TIME IS RIGHT!



Help Filipina Woman Find Her Dream Guy #HESTHEONE