HELP: Beloved Laguna Pit Bull is fighting for her Life

Help beloved pit bull Sandra

On the very first day of June, the caretakers of the Laguna Pit Bull (LBP) Sanctuary sent out an urgent call for help on social media. One of their beloved pit bulls, Sandra, was having trouble breathing.

They suspect it was either her heart of her lungs that needed to be checked. They had to get her to a vet clinic fast!

Volunteer Driver for LPB Sandra

Good Samaritans immediately heeded the Sanctuary’s call for help in transporting Sandra from the Quezon Province to Beterinaryo Sa Fort in Taguig. Thanks so much to these awesome volunteers!

At the clinic, test results showed that Sandra has an enlarged heart and a respiratory infection. The vets there will do their best to bring Sandra back to health. However, the cost of the tests, medicine and, confinement are huge. Sandra’s caretakers are begging all animal lovers out there, especially those who have followed the story of the Laguna pit bulls since over 260 of them were rescued from a dog fighting ring in 2012.

The animal welfare organization CARA Welfare Philippines took up the challenge of nursing these poor pups to physical and mental health. Sadly, many died from their injuries and from illness. But the years were not without happy stories as over 40 have been adopted out to loving homes. We are hoping that Sandra will be another successful adoption story. But first, she has to get well!

How to donate:

For BPI deposits:
Account Name: CARA Welfare Philippines
Account Number: 3121-1984-86
Please send a copy of deposit slip/bank transfer to and indicate that it’s for LPB Sandra.
For PayPal or credit card donations, please visit and scroll to the bottom. There is a PayPal button you may click.

LPB Sandra with volunter Frances, Photo by Darlene Dy

Here is Sandra with a volunteer in happier times. Photo by Darlene Dy


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All photos are from the LPB Facebok Page.