Heima Design Discussion 3 and Oh Hi! Summertime Collection Release


Photos of Rossy Yabut, Bong Rojales, Charles Buenconsejo, Aleyn Comprendio, EWWS, Ryan Vergara, Garovs, Tokwa Penaflorida



When in Manila and you’re in the mood for something creative, visit Heima Store ! Heima is a fun & quirky furniture design store with branches at the LRI plaza in Makati & Cubao Expo.  Heima held its third Design Discussion last Saturday with its collaborators as speakers.  The following illustrators, photographers and videographers shared their stories, techniques & experiences: 


Heima Design Discussion Backdrop and Glass of Washi Tapes

Heima Design Discussion 3: washi tape fun & a wall of post-its!



 Soleil Ignacio – a freelance illustrator who loves drawing girls with long hair  just had an exhibit Hello Sailor at Heima Cubao together with the next speaker shared the progress of her amazing illustrations from personal works to local and international magazines. 


 Tokwa Penaflorida – also an illustrator and a self-described “book sniffer”  gave a talk about Storytelling for Non-writers and work-in-progress videos that will make you wish you had his skills and imagination.


 Aleyn Comprendio – an analog photographer from Iloilo who also works for Mayad Studios shared her tools, methods & set of dreamy photos with inspirations from the Scandinavian countryside. Together with the next speaker, she held her exhibit Southern Stories at Heima Makati just last week.



Heima Collage10 one half of southern stories exhibit: Aleyn Comprendio's Photos, Teal Typewriter and the Heima Store Facade

Above: Aleyn Comprendio’s framed photos with Heima’s ombré seafoam green walls

Below (L-R): stacked teal drawers–a part of the new collection (with feather cut-outs

by Pper Heads) and the Heima Store washi tape inspired glass stickers



Charles Buenconsejo– a photographer from Cebu talked about the timeline of photography in his own comical way. If you ever get to drop by Heima, his work “Grace”–probably everyone’s favorite from his set. 



 Heima Store New Collection with Rossy Yabut, photos of Charles Buenconsejo and paper installation by Pper Heads

 Clockwise: Framed photos of Charles Buenconsejo from the Southern Stories Exhibit,

intricate paper installation by Pper Heads, Rosy Yabut–the creative genius behind Heima

& pretty things from Heima’s new collection



Pper Heads – a team of designers mainly focused on concepts, objects and installation is responsible for the intricate, interesting (which makes you want to go, “May I please have that inside my room?”) paper cut-out backdrop inside the store.



 Interns of Heima at the Registration Table, Oh Hi! Badges & Totes plus the Heima Design Discussion Poster on an easel

 Clock Wise: “Oh Hi!” Badges given to all the participants & “Oh Hi” Totes for sale,

Heima Design Discussion (adorbale) poster & Heima Interns in charge of registration.



Coast Through Life– is a group of surfer friends who shared their passion & love for their playground–the ocean.



Bong Rojales of Heima Store at the launch of their New Collection 

Bong Rojales, co-owner & marketing director of Heima, wearing their Teal motif

during the launch of their new collection. 🙂



 After the Third Installment of Heima Design Discussion, cocktails were served and everyone proceeded to the shop to view the new collection. The room was filled with photographers & shoppers!  I don’t know how many times I’ve suggested to Heima for them to put  up a cafe since everyone just wants to stay & hang-out in this artsy place.  Speaking of shopping, every time we go to this store, our stack of (irresistible) washi tapes goes up. Tsk, tsk, tsk 🙂 



 Clockwise: Craft & Design Books, The Chevron Louis XV Chair, a shopper at Heima

and an Analog Typewriter



Heima describes their new “Oh Hi! Summertime” collection as:


A collection of summer hues and outdoor stories, Heima will unveil its 5th collection with a series of events that showcases rising stars and new discoveries. Familiar feelings along with new adventures, the series of events will take you on a summer adventure of our design and inspiration. Heima dwells on analog and paper, new tones and nature patterns for summer. Carefree themes of friendships and union, touched by vintage textures and fresh sounds. Soft and smooth scents, gentle strokes, sailing through slow afternoons on fields of amber, tangerine tones and lush greens, on ombre skies and a sea of teal sprinkled with sun and droplets of neon colors. Handmade with love on a canvas of dreams, Heima brings you a collection of renewed inspiration and flare.”


  Above: Heima Store White Bunnies, Anthology Magazine Below: Paper Products from Rifle Paper Co

 Above: White bunnies that also serve as lamps, Anthology Magazine (filled with pages

of pegs & inspirations for your next project) Below: Paper Products from Rifle Paper Co



 The night ended with some whimsical music from Gentle Universe, and alternative sounds from Hannah + Gabi, Karen and the House of Hamsters.



 Gentle Universe- with a kawaii Kawai mini keyboard as one of their instruments.



All things powder blue at Heima and Ponggo trying out a Polaroid Cam

 All things powder blue at Heima to the left and Ponggo trying out a Polaroid cam to the right.



All in all, it was one fun and colorful night teeming with lots of creative aura to absorb from all the artists and feeding one’s senses with inspiration be it through the fresh visuals, furniture pieces that you’d like to bring home, familiar sounds and experiences seen in a different perspective! 

When In Manila, if you still can’t get enough of Heima’s collection, check out their  Made With Love V.5 Zine here.


Heima Logo for New Collection

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