Health Carousel Brings Game-Changing Nurse Educator Training to the Northern Philippines

Health Carousel

Health Carousel’s goal to improve nursing education resources has taken another big step. In December 2022, Health Carousel Philippines (or HCPI) sponsored a one-day training to help Filipino nurse educators to better prepare their students for the nursing profession.

The HCPI “Light the Way” initiative sponsored the landmark event as part of its Registered Nurse sustainable development efforts. Regional nursing school faculty and deans attended the beneficial program.

Afterward, attendees offered positive feedback on the speakers, saying that they had obtained value from the training session. Throughout 2023, and into the future, Health Carousel Philippines plans to conduct in-person nurse educator training programs in all Philippines’ regions.

Nurse Educator Training Structure

Health Carousel Philippines conducted the one-day training session at Baguio City’s El Cielito Hotel. Six deans and 40 faculty members represented Philippines nursing schools. 11 educational institutions are located in the northern Philippines, and one school is in the Manila area.

The Training Featured Three Respected Speakers

Three notable speakers conducted the nurse educator training. Each speaker is a leader in the nursing education field.

Glenda Arquiza, Ph.D., RN

Dr. Arquiza is the previous chair of the Philippines Regulations Committee Board of Nursing. She also participated in the 2019 ASEAN joint coordinating committee in nursing.

Ray Gapuz, DSc, DMgt, RN, USRN

Dr. Gapuz possesses a Master of Education in Learning Design and Technologies. He operates multiple Philippines nurse training centers.

Naomi de Aro, EdD, RN

Dr. de Aro is the founding member of the PanAsian Simulation Society in Healthcare. She also serves as the organization’s secretary.

The Speakers Presented Two Key Training Topics

Collectively, the speakers provided 276 hours of nursing education training during this free event. The instructors focused on two primary concepts.

Constructivist Learning Model

The speakers emphasized the importance of a constructivist learning framework. In this model, students actively engage in their learning process. The instructor becomes a facilitator who prompts and mediates students during each course. To keep the students on the right track, the instructor coaches them and helps them to gauge their progress.

In addition to explaining the constructivist learning model’s operation, the speakers provided guidelines on developing this structure. Finally, the speakers stressed that the model helps students to remain engaged. In turn, this motivates them to keep learning.

Emphasis on Simulations

The speakers recommended the integration of simulations into the nursing education curriculum. These knowledgeable professionals said that these real-world challenges help students to master specific skills required for nursing work. Each of these nine simulations has a specific role in a nursing education program.

● Low-fidelity Mannequins: Static models and two-dimensional displays help students learn a certain skill (such as intravenous insertion or cardiopulmonary resuscitation).
● High-fidelity Mannequins: These computer-driven full-body mannequins most closely match a patient’s physiology, anatomy, and responses.
● Partial-task Simulators: One simulated body part enables students to repeatedly practice a skill without wearing out expensive equipment
● Standardized “Patient” Volunteers: Individuals’ realistic behavior helps students to practice assessment and communications skills
● Role-playing Exercises: Students “act out” a specific situation, providing them with valuable team training experience
● Unfolding Case Study: This method cultivates students’ patient assessment and critical thinking skills
● Virtual Reality: This method uses standardized patients and computer technology to teach students about complex, multi-patient situations
● E-learning Programs: These computer-based simulations include instructional videos and complex virtual reality scenarios involving patients and other healthcare professionals
● Combined Simulations: These more realistic simulations can help students practice multiple skills at once (e.g. obtaining the patient’s informed consent before performing a procedure)

Training Wrap-up and Future Events

After the training concluded, attendees collectively submitted favorable comments on the speakers and the content they presented. The deans and faculty members said the training was “engaging, informative, and timely.” They recommended that Health Carousel Philippines “Keep Lighting the Way!”

For perspective, the HCPI nurse educator training began in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. During that year, 90 nurse educators were virtually trained due to lockdown restrictions. During 2023, and in subsequent years, Health Carousel Philippines plans to deliver in-person nurse educator training to all Philippines regions.

About Health Carousel

Health Carousel continues to make its mark on the United States healthcare staffing industry. This Cincinnati-based company, currently the industry’s ninth-largest firm, was established in 2004. Today, Health Carousel supplies clients in all 50 states with credentialed healthcare professionals.

Registered Nurses, physicians, advanced practice professionals, and allied health workers regularly obtain assignments through Health Carousel. Entry-level and experienced healthcare professionals will find challenging and rewarding opportunities. Contract, permanent, and temp-to-perm assignments are available.

Knowledgeable Recruiters and Top-tier Technology Set the Stage for Results

To find the best candidate for each opportunity, Health Carousel’s experienced recruiters draw upon their knowledge of their respective regional markets. They also have the latest recruitment technology at their fingertips. Together, these advantages position these industry professionals to identify healthcare professionals with the desired credentials.

Clearly, finding qualified healthcare professionals is important. At the same time, however, Health Carousel emphasizes adherence to rigorous ethical recruitment and hiring standards. The company has consistently garnered industry awards for its dedication to these ideals.

Four Divisions Enable Health Carousel to Meet Clients’ Specific Needs

In large cities, small towns, and rural regions, Health Carousel effectively fulfills’ clients’ targeted staffing requirements. From temporary assignments to complete workforce reconfigurations, Health Carousel has the technology and skilled personnel to handle any client request.

Travel Nurses Effectively Deliver Short-term Solutions
United States medical facilities consistently run short of Registered Nurses. Whether due to nurses’ illnesses, vacations, or attrition, hospitals and medical practices often don’t have enough nurses to adequately serve their patients’ needs. This issue was magnified during the COVID-19 pandemic, as more patients required care while many nurses were themselves affected by the virus.

Here’s where resourceful travel nurses can help. While they provide top-tier patient care, these healthcare professionals also ease the facility’s staffing shortage. When travel nurses possess specialty certifications, they may see added demand for their services.

The Health Carousel Travel Nursing (or HCTN) Division is the conduit for the company’s Registered Nurse staffing requests. With an efficient infrastructure, recruiters can quickly identify the correct candidate for each position. HCTN nurses enjoy short- to mid-duration assignments with several starting date options.

Locum Tenens Solutions Resolve Physician Staffing Shortages

Highly skilled physicians, and their advanced practice professional counterparts, are essential medical facility service providers. When these healthcare professionals schedule time off, qualified personnel are needed to temporarily fill the providers’ roles.

Fortunately, the Health Carousel Locum Tenens (or HCLT) Division has the resources to quickly fulfill these staffing needs. Experienced HCLT recruiters sift through each state’s candidates and choose the best person for each assignment. The HCLT hiring team handles the credentialing and hiring functions, enabling the healthcare professional to smoothly step into their assignment.

Workforce Solutions Experts Provide Customized Solutions

Each medical facility has distinct operations parameters and workforce challenges. A “one size fits all” solution won’t adequately address a specific problem. Fortunately, the Health Carousel Workforce Solutions (or HCWS) Division has the resources to implement a more effective tailored approach.

To start the ball rolling, the HCWS Chief Nursing Officer convenes a clinical expert team. Together, they study the client’s staffing problems and formulate a personalized solution. Next, a workforce management team puts the program in motion, making periodic adjustments as needed.

Managed Services Provider Solutions Solve the Underlying Problem

Every medical facility’s staffing challenges have a root cause that’s compounded by other factors. To identify a longer-term solution, finding the root cause is the first step. The Health Carousel Managed Services Provider (or MSP) Division is designed to meet (and conquer) this challenge.

To begin, an expert MSP team pinpoints the challenge and its source. Next, a clinically supervised workforce team uses technology and industry expertise to design a solution. Once a tailored staffing strategy has been implemented, the facility will have a reduced need for contingent staff.

Higher workforce stability sets the stage for increased revenues, lower costs, and an improved bottom line. Finally, a more stable workforce promotes higher job satisfaction and potentially improved patient care.

Health Carousel International Resolves Longer-term Staffing Challenges

Many United States hospitals and medical practices want to put longer-term staffing solutions in place. To satisfy those clients’ needs, Health Carousel International (or HCI) works with global healthcare professionals who desire a career in a United States medical facility.

The Health Carousel PassportUSA Program regularly works with overseas Registered Nurses, occupational and physical therapists, and medical technologists. Skilled HCI recruiters assist these healthcare professionals with the recruitment and hiring process.

After HCI team members wrap up their hiring and credentialing work, the healthcare professional is ready to begin their United States assignment. Once they are onsite, HCI clinical team members ensure that the healthcare worker keeps up with required certifications and/or credentials. The HCI team also guides the healthcare professional’s career development.

Health Carousel International Is Committed to Ethical Recruitment

Health Carousel International continues to recruit foreign-educated healthcare workers (especially Registered Nurses) who desire United States career opportunities. Concurrently, HCI actively works to increase the origin countries’ complement of Registered Nurses.

Over the years, HCI has been recognized for its ethics-based nurse recruitment and hiring practices. The Alliance for Ethical Recruitment Practices has named Health Carousel a “Certified Ethical Recruiter.” This acclaimed non-profit works to ensure global healthcare professionals benefit from transparency and fairness during the recruitment process.

The Health Carousel “Light the Way” Program Highlights Nurses’ Professional Development

Health Carousel highly values its Registered Nurses’ contributions, and the company prioritizes their career development. Health Carousel’s “Light the Way” Initiative helps to move this effort forward in the United States and other countries in which the company has an active presence. International nurses are eligible after completing their initial Health Carousel assignment.

Specifically, the “Light the Way” Program supports nurses in earning their graduate or postgraduate degree. Once nurses have achieved this goal, they are well equipped to become effective nurse educators.

Through “Light the Way,” Health Carousel will continue its efforts to increase participating countries’ Registered Nurse populations. Over time, more skilled nurses will enable improved patient care worldwide.