Health and Wellness Spa Retreat in Manila: Beauty Staycation at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel

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Health and Wellness Spa Retreat in Manila: Beauty Staycation at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel


Medical tourism is constantly becoming more popular and this has inspired Sofitel to create and launch a unique beauty and wellness getaways offering luxurious bed and breakfast staycation, pampering spa treatments, low calorie De-Light gourmet specialties, top notch wellness and recreational amenities paired with the most popular Vietura treatment programs suitable for every lifestyle: anti-aging, detox and body sculpting/weight management.


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With the launch of Vietura’s beauty retreats, everyone may now experience a personal journey to achieve their most desired transformation while enjoying a luxury hotel accommodation at Sofitel.


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What sets Sofitel’s beauty staycation packages apart from other aesthetic centers is that their partner, Vietura, is a lifestyle institute. This beauty staycation provides you a comprehensive holistic experience coupled with pampering from Sofitel, improving the total well-being.


Embark on your very well deserving “ME” time and reward yourself with pampering beauty treatments from Vietura while enjoying your luxurious stay at Sofitel. Prepare to discover the new “YOU!”


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Get ready to look your best for the summer’s swimwear and cruise collection ensemble with Vietura’s Summer Perfection Package, which includes an overnight stay in a superior room, De-Light breakfast for two at Spiral, 30-minute Slimming Massage at Le Spa, nutritional counseling, two sessions of Lipocryo and Ultraskin Tight at Vietura, and exclusive access to SoFit (Sofitel’s state-of-the-art fitness facility.)

Lipocryo is the ultimate body slimming and contouring program involves scientifically-proven fat removal technology that freezes fat cells and progressively eliminates them for instant results. The effects continue to metabolize for 60 days resulting in further breakdown of fats, making the body slimmer, shapelier and more sculpted.

All these great body experiences for only P22,000 nett. (Valued at Php 60,265)


spa-beauty-staycation-manila-sofitel-philippines-wheninmanila-jotan23 (15) Thai Pomelo Salad by Sofitel’s De-Light Cuisine


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Relax at the spacious and luxurious superior rooms of the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila


Sofitel Staycation Sofitel Staycation1 Sofitel Staycation2

That’s the room at the 10th floor – very cozy beds and spacious bathroom


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Le Spa’s Couple Room – Terrace by Jardin d’ Eden



This one’s perfect for those who want to relax, rejuvenate and erase the visible signs of aging. In short, it is an anti-aging beauty package.

Vietura’s Timeless Beauty Package includes an overnight stay in a superior room, low calorie De-Light breakfast for two at Spiral, 30minute rejuvenating massage at Le Spa, complimentary Yoga class, nutritional counseling, 15- minute Resolift treatment and one session of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), a revolutionary antiaging program that smoothens even the deepest wrinkles.

This is probably the most value-for-money beauty package since the PRP is quite expensive. It’s like a stem cell treatment where they harvest platelets from your own blood and then injected to your face. The before and after pictures of regular clients are just WOW! To achieve maximum result, it usually takes 2-4 sessions of PRP.

This complete package is set at P30,000 nett. (Valued at Php 60,265)


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Resolift Treatment at VIETURA – a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses electrodes to tighten skin.


Anti Aging set

To cap off the timeless beauty package, you may also check out Dermaheal, the latest skin innovation in stem cell research. Vietura is the exclusive distributor of Dermaheal product line from South Korea, which is known for its scientifically advanced beauty products. Dermaheal stimulates and enhances skin cell growth and proliferation in order to stop the signs of aging. They claim that results can be seen in as fast as two weeks. Check out more of their products at Vietura.



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For a healthier YOU and for the lowest priced beauty package among the three, I suggest getting this Detox Retreat with Colonics Hydrotherapy treatment. The procedure safely removes unwanted toxins and waste by flushing them out with 25 liters of water from the body. Don’t worry, the treatment is surprisingly very comfortable and odor-less, too 🙂

If you want to bring out your beauty from within, try this Detox Retreat package and improve your health. Some Hollywood celebrities also do this once a week to help maintain their figure.

Detox Package includes an overnight stay in a superior room, De-Light breakfast for two at Spiral, 30- minute De-Stress Massage at Le Spa, complimentary Yoga class, nutritional counseling, 15minute Ultralipo treatment, and one session of Colonics at Vietura.

Package rate is set at P17,000 nett. (Valued at Php 31, 265)


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