Haute Auteur 2013 Musique-En-Scene


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Musique-en-scène is a semi-portmanteau derived from the words “music” and “mise-en-scène”, two terms from art that comprise the essence of the event.

            The Haute Auteur awards night brings together artists, filmmakers and musicians and all art enthusiasts in a single place and time. Through music, film and graphics, the event is indeed an artistic feat for the senses. 

            The top ten entries of the Haute Auteur 2013 competition will be screened in the awards night. However, the top 5 entries are the only those given the chance to compete against each other. Their films were evaluated before-hand by judges Rolando Tolentino, Nicanor Tiongson and Khavn Dela Cruz.

The top 5 entries are also going to be scored live by the following bands: Anton and the Salvadors, Radioactive Sago Project, Tarsius, Archaster and Taken by Cars. Other bands like Ivan Theory, People’s Future, The Strangeness and Extrapolation will also perform.

Artworks by Bernard Gatus, Aldy Aguirre, Rob Cham and other notable graphic artists will be sold at the event and during the exhibit of entries, which will be held in the Greenbelt 3 Lobby from March 4 – 8. The proceeds of these artworks and the entire event will go to film historian Nick De Ocampo’s film literacy program that involves talks, books related to Philippine cinema and other film-related seminars.

We hope to see you in the event! Support local artists!

Haute Auteur 2013 Musique-En-Scene

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