Hatah Hatah: Fandom Hats for the Geek in You

Check out my geeky find this week: Hatah Hatah! It is an awesome shop that caters to different fandoms in the form of lovely headpieces. We’re talking about high-quality hats with designs so on point, it’ll make the geek in you squeal.

Here are some of their awesome hats inspired by all-time favorite animated characters:

20150730_1144144Yay minions!

20150730_1244501Totoro and Baymax, anyone?

HATAH HATAH1Showing my Mario x Luigi love!

Now, on to another set of hats. Who doesn’t love Mario and Luigi? I remember when I was about 8 or 9, I got my Gameboy Advance, and one of the first games I played were Super Mario and Mario Bros. And when I upgraded to Gameboy Advance SP, I leveled up to playing Super Mario Advance and Super Mario Bros. Now, I’m into Mario Kart, so I can say that this game really played a big part in my life. Just imagine my joy when I found this par of character hats  from Hatah Hatah!

Check out more of Hatah Hatah’s cool hats:


Hatah Hatah also sells Plowkets (pillow blankets), Scoodies (scarf blankets), and Kigurumi (onesies). Plus, if nothing in their portfolio suits your fancy, they are more than happy to help you customize your own hat down to the last detail!

They also ship internationally! Check them out over at:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HatahHatah
Viber: +63 927 794 3254