OMG! Harry Potter GO is Actually Happening!

In June 2016, I wrote an article asking if you would be interested in a Harry Potter GO app. Judging by the feedback, a LOT of people wanted it. Well, it looks like Niantic – the people behind the once-upon-a-time-super-famous app Pokemon GO actually listened because – yes, that’s right! – Harry Potter GO is actually happening!!!

harry potter

How similar will it be to Pokemon GO? There really aren’t any details yet, so our imaginations are currently still just wondering wild. Will we be roaming around the real world like in Pokemon GO? Will we be participating in Wizard Duels? Will we be happy with the House we will be sorted in? Will there be good guys and bad guys? Will we be catching beautiful creatures and beasts? Ugh. I. CANNOT. WAIT.

This news really isn’t that surprising given the tremendous success that came with Pokemon GO during its launch. Why not tap into another fandom, right? I’m sure Potterheads all over the world will be waiting for this with bated breath. Co-developed by Warner Bros. Interactive and Portkey Games, the AR app will be called ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ and is set to launch next year.


Who else is excited for this?