Hanggang Saan Aabot ‘Yung P1000 Mo? Here Are 16 Things

In case you missed the news that’s been populating everyone’s feed, television and radio sets, the House of Representatives voted to only allocate a measly budget of P1,000 to the Commission of Human Rights just today, Tuesday, September 12.


A brief description of the Commission on Human Rights: also known as the CHR, it’s an independent office created under the 1987 Constitution when democracy was restored in the country, to protect each citizen’s rights from being abused by the state, such as the government, police, and the military. In a nutshell, the CHR is supposed to act as the conscience of the government, and not to go after criminals — that’s the PNP’s job, after all.

Meanwhile, we’re scratching our heads as to what can you get with P1,000 — that’s hardly enough to cover one’s weekly expenses! So what CAN you get with a thousand pesos? Here are just a few ideas:

16. A ride from Quezon City to Alabang on a ridesharing app, with surge

metro manila traffic

Which we seem to be getting a lot, nowadays.

15. The new Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 e1487321488174

Especially when you catch this on sale!

14. HALF a decent steak dish at a restaurant

Karnevore Meat Steak House MarikinaKarnevore Meat Steak House Marikina

It won’t even get you anywhere near 200 grams, sadly.

13. A general admission ticket to a concert by an international artist

Ariana Grande Manila 1 e1505230845332

Ito na lang makikita n’yo, guys.

To see your favorite artist up close, it’ll cost you an arm and a leg.

12. A week’s worth of groceries

grocery puns14

This is assuming that you skip all the expensive stuff, of course.

11. Three buckets of beer

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And a plate of peanuts. Kulang pang pang-sisig!

10. A weekend pass to EK

Enchanted Kingdom E

That’s not even counting the toll fees and gas that you have to pay for.

9. A pair of movie tickets, with popcorn

DSC00398 e1505231127606

This is why it’s so expensive to go on a date nowadays!

8. Half of your monthly phone bill

podcasts - Smartphone with ear phones

You’re probably not even getting your money’s worth with the slow internet service.

7. Table for one at a popular buffet

Vikings Celebrates Chinese New Year with Dishes From All Over the Globe 17

Will you be that person who eats alone at a buffet, though?

6. Five coffee shop stickers for that new planner

coffee habit at remigio 10 e1505231276847

19 more stickers plus a thousand calories more to go!

5. Three packs of salted egg chips

When in Manila Salted Egg Crisps 4

This is apparently how far your favorite Singaporean pasalubong can go.

4. A new haircut + color at a salon

heads by volumed hair salon

Sorry girls, mani-pedi not included.

3. A bottle of tequila

Unless you’re drinking alone, this wouldn’t be enough to get you and your friends tipsy.

2. Less than 24 hours at a motel

Victoria Court Throne

Short time pa more!

1. Two party-sized pizzas for your office

Shakeys Cali Kani Pizza 30

“Guys, tig-i-isang slice lang ha. Baka hindi pa nakakakuha ‘yung iba.”

Let us know: Hanggang saan aabot ‘yung P1000 mo? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!