When in Manila, Halo Mobile Clothing Offers Affordable, Fashionable Laptop Bags and Gadgets Cases

When in Manila, carrying a durable, functional and stylish laptop bag is a must for students, business people, bloggers and hobbyists. It doesn’t matter if they are commuters – or not.



We cannot deny that gadgets are expensive – whether you paid for your Samsung Galaxy S3 through the 0% interest promo of your credit card, you got your iPad as a gift, or you got your ThinkPad as a prize in a contest – the fact remains – gadgets are expensive – too expensive, and even priceless that some call them “babies”. We need to take care of them and clothe them as we battle the traffic (and even flood) in our daily commutes.



Thank God for Halo Mobile Clothing! The brand offers fashionable, versatile and durable gadget sleeves, and cases in different designs and sizes for different brands.




For someone who is active in social media and is a mobile employee, I need a good, durable and stylish bag for my laptop since my daily itinerary is not just about house to work and back to house; but also gatherings and sometimes, fashion events. Who wouldn’t be delighted to find out about Halo Mobile Clothing?



The first time I encountered the brand was when a colleague came to the office carrying the quilted purple Halo laptop bag. She was carrying the Wiggle. I love how stylish the bag is, especially that the color blended with her purple top. She took out her Thinkpad as if she was unwrapping a present and it looks as if the bag is the same exact bag that comes with the laptop – it fits perfectly.


Now, I have Tanya, and I have a story (review) to share.






The first thing that I always check whenever I buy items (whether clothes, shoes or even bags) is the material of the product. The Tanya Laptop Bag is made of nice shiny satin cloth which is designed with quilted finish. The stitches in the design give an impression of durability. I like that it is smooth and doesn’t scratch my skin raw, or does it tangle with my clothes whenever I carry it.  The surface is plain and simple.


halomobileclothinig009 Large


The strap is also made of the same material with a shoulder pad to give more balance when carrying the bag.


halomobileclothinig002 Large


Checking the insides, it is made of lining of the same color. A thin foam is on both sides of the body which cushions and protects the gadget.



halomobileclothinig005 Large




I love that it works like a 3-in-1 laptop bag or sleeve..


You can use it as a sleeve to protect your laptop, and put it inside another bag.


halomobileclothinig021 Large


You can also attach the strap and use it like a typical laptop bag. The strap is adjustable on both sides, and clasp can be fastened securely.


halomobileclothinig019 Large


If you are worried and conscious not to crease your clothes when carrying the bag, you can carry it as a handbag.


halomobileclothinig020 Large

On the sides of the laptop bag are zippered pockets – inside are handles that can be taken out and.. voila! Use it as a hand bag!

halomobileclothinig003 Large 2

The handles are stitched and extended at the bottom of the bag to ensure durability. What I like is that the pockets can also be used to keep valuables such as wallets and mobile phones, sort of a secret pocket.

halomobileclothinig004 Large

Infront of the bag is a zippered flap with slots for credit cards, phone and pens.

halomobileclothinig006 Large

I like that it can even work like a typical bag, and it keeps your things organized.

halomobileclothinig007 Large


Like any other product, the Halo Mobile Clothing Tanya Laptop Bag can last if it is well taken cared of. The quality of workmanship is unquestionable. The stitches are even and the overlaps of cloths are smooth.

The metal clasp though is a concern especially when traveling during rainy season. It might help to keep it covered and/or dry. The item doesn’t promise to be water-proof but it could be a future enhancement for Halo Mobile Clothing products.


I love that it is fashionable and versatile. For an affordable price of Php1,195, this type of laptop bag is best for students, fresh graduates, fashion bloggers and business people with spunk and flair.

But wait.. there is more..

One needs not just a clothing for the laptop, but also a casing for external drives. If there is anything more precious and priceless are the data, pictures and files that we keep in an external drive when our hard drive is close to getting Alzheimer’s. I found this nice external drive casing (also) from Halo Mobile Clothing. Meet the Zahara External Drive Case..


The external drive case is made of hard shell-like material which gives assurance that your external drive is protected from shock. Although it is not water-proof, the material is good in keeping the drive from extensive heat especially when traveling.


Inside, your external drive is safe and secured with a thick garter attached to one side of the shell. A separate net lining compartment can be used to keep the cable, or extra memory cards.


The Zahara External Drive case costs only Php295 (about the same price as your favorite coffee drink + cupcake). Available colors are gray, purple, red and pink.


  True to its name and branding, Halo Mobile Clothing is like a guardian angel that offers different products to protect our gadgets at affordable prices.

When in Manila, Halo Mobile Clothing is a one-stop shop for buying casings and bags for your cameras, tabs, laptops, and other gadgets.

For other products from Halo Mobile Clothing, check out https://www.facebook.com/halomobileclothing

When in Manila, Halo Mobile Clothing Offers Affordable, Fashionable Laptop Bags and Gadgets Cases