H.E.R. Crochet Bikinis: Locally Hand-Crafted Crochet Swimwear for Boho Beach Lovers


Soaking up the last of summer’s rays


As the final rays of the summer sun recede into the horizon, I’ve found myself obsessing over a new bikini favorite. Much of this season has been marked by amazing online swimsuit finds that have made my beach trips more colorful; such bikinis definitely set the tone for these adventures, and make for really nice photos! So before this season ends, I thought I’d make another wonderful summer memory by going on a trip to a distant island with my closest friends, and packing with me a pair of the cutest (and teeniest!) hand-made crochet bikinis by local label H.E.R.


her-crochet-bikinis-manila-7 copy

H.E.R. Regular Bikini in ‘Sand’ at PHP 1,300


I just love their choice of brand name; H.E.R. sounds very personal, it applies as a pronoun of apparent femininity and also indicates possession. These limited pieces are definitely one-of-a-kind and special keepsakes for you to call your own, your best tangible memory of an unforgettable summer.

her-crochet-bikinis-manila-2 copy

her-crochet-bikinis-manila-4 copy H.E.R. Plain Halter Top in ‘Natural’ at PHP 1,300


I opted to get myself a plain halter-top in white, a classic crochet bikini style that I find highlight my shoulders nicely. I also decided to get H.E.R.’s regular string bikini design in a neutral nude that complement my fresh tan. Other colors available include teal, black, and maroon, but I think white and beige suit morenas best. The fact that each piece is tediously crafted by hand adds to its charm; so obsessed with the crochet texture that looks so refreshing rendered as swimwear. The pieces look great against sandy skin, golden afternoon light, and the balmy summer heat.

her-crochet-bikinis-manila-9 copy

her-crochet-bikinis-manila-12 copy

I’ve been on the hunt for locally sold crochet bikinis for the longest time and I’m glad that local online shops are finally showing these cute pieces some love. Now I have these two special pairs of hand-made bikinis to remember my wonderful beach trip by.

You can shop H.E.R. Crochet bikinis here: https://spellher.com/


Like H.E.R. on Instagram here: @spellher

Writer’s Note: I’ve recently been informed of concerns regarding H.E.R.’s delayed shipment of orders and unanswered customer concerns. I personally talked with the owner regarding this matter, and she has explained to me that the delay in production of orders were due to faulty crafters not meeting quality standards. They’ve also had problems with their riders, claiming that some orders were either lost or stolen, hence some orders not reaching their owners. She also claims that all previous orders have already been delivered/refunded. If you may have any further concerns regarding your order, you may drop H.E.R. an email at shopherclothing@gmail.com.


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