Group Text SMS: New Reply-All Chat type service for Mobile Phones

When In Manila, imagine a world without the “Reply All” button or a world without “chat.”


Ok, maybe without the “Reply All” button we might have saved ourselves from a few embarrassing sends that went to everyone, but for every one mis-sent email are thousands of other useful “Reply Alls!”


So now why have we not created a button or function that can do this for cellphones?


Well this new group called GupShup might just have the answers we need.


GupShup” is actually an Indian term that means something like “chit chat,” and that’s exactly what they hope to bring to mobile phones all around the world!


We were invited to a blogger event to find out more about their GupShup Group Text / Group SMS program.



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Group Text / Group SMS: Introducing SMS GupShup ‘Reply-All Chat’ services.


India based SMS GupShup has partnered with three biggest mobile networks in the country: Globe Telecom, Smart Telecommunications, and Sun Cellular to introduce ‘Group Messaging’ for coordinating, collaborating, communicating with friends, workers, and family on SMS.


Referred to as “Reply All” for Globe & Smart subscribers and “Chatxt” for Sun Subscribers. This service allows users to coordinate, collaborate and communicate with up to 30 mobile numbers in a single group.


These users (group members) can reply to the SMS received that in turn goes to all members in the group. This makes ‘Reply-All’ or ‘Chatxt’ the latest and trendiest way to message within small and large groups. A parallel of this service on the web would be “reply all” and “cc” function of e-mail.


‘Chatxt’ & ‘Reply-All’ are conveniently priced at flat SMS cost of 1 peso per text with many other options for those who just can’t stop SMS’ing.


– For Globe and Smart users, a 20 pesos/day unlimited option can be activated by texting “UNLIDAY” to 2993.


– For Sun Cellular users, “Chatxt” is available complimentary for limited period. This can be activated by texting “Freeday” to 2993. They can also avail of the 30 group messages only for P5 by texting “BUY30” to 2993.


From football teams coordinating match schedules, student study groups finishing projects, a group of friends exchanging gossip to housewives discussing recipes Reply All / Chatxt has been a runaway success connecting people through basic SMS.


SMS GupShup has tied up with all the major telecom operators in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Bahrain for the product before this launch in Philippines. The Company committed to collaborating with mobile networks in developing and introducing innovative features for SMS.


When In Manila, do give this new cell phone feature a try! Group text / group SMS may be the solution for school organizations, business groups or friends / barkadas all around the Philippines!




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Group Text SMS: New Reply-All Chat type service for Mobile Phones