Greyson Chance: Back in Manila with Truth Be Told Part 1 – Get Up Close and Know More About His Music, Plans and What Else He Wants to Try Out Someday!


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When in Manila, experience real music with Greyson Chance‘s latest EP: Truth Be Told Part 1. Greyson has been working with the album for about a year already, releasing the first part of his blood and sweat, he explains why he only gave a brief introduction to his new sound. “I wanted to give my fans a kind of a warm up, I didn’t want to surprise them completely.” He says. The concept behind Truth Be Told is simple and concise. “This is what I think music should sound like and this is the type of music that I like. It shouldn’t be anything else, this is real music.” 




Truth Be Told Part 1




The EP contains 5 songs he wrote and co-written with songwriters Toby Gad, Lindy Robbins, The Nexus, Michael Warren and STIX. This include the songs: You Might Be the One, Leila, California Sky, Take My Heart and his title song Sunshine & City Lights. In his tweet he also adds that  “The new stuff is much more stripped down and organic. I wrote all the songs so that they have this personal connection when one listens. My goal is that when someone listens to the new stuff, they feel this overwhelming connection. I want them to understand it! ‘Cause at the end of the day, art must come and connect to the heart not the mind.



Together with his New Album




What attracts me is something that is just interesting and something that has conceptual meaning. And that’s what I like to put in my songs… each one has a meaning that is more profound and an underlying meaning.” He is drawn to conceptual lyrics, plus the melody and beat of his songs are relaxing and upbeat at the same time. Enough to keep you awake when you need to finish deadlines.




Greyson Chance




It’s a feel good album that anyone can listen to. “I want my music to be timeless.” He even says that he wants people to listen to his recordings even after 45 years! Truth Be Told is raw and pure, using only instruments and his live vocals to produce it. “I didn’t want to overshadow it with fancy production… and kinda distract the listener from how good the song is. ” Truly, Greyson Chance is one of those gems in the music industry. With passion like his, who knows how far he can go.







He answers with wit and professionalism




I was blessed enough to meet a humble and genuine talent like him. During his Press Conference, he gave a glimpse into what Truth Be Told is all about. Here’s a run through on his songs and how some lyrics could even relate to what happened during the presscon. 





“At first I was speechless. At first I crumbled every time you smiled. You’re right here.” 








There were squeals from fangirls, flashes from photographers’ DSLR’s, writers getting their pens and notepads ready, videographers taking their spots in the middle and media men taking turns putting the microphone on the speakers; all these leads to one thing: Yes, Greyson Chance is back here in Manila to promote his album Truth Be Told! He finally enters the room, full of smiles and packed with wit, ready to answer all questions!




With MCA Music Family 



He took a photo together with MCA Music first, then with puppy dog eyes he encourages the media guests to ask away while saying “Don’t be shy.” Media guests then started lining up the microphone, while the fangirls behind me couldn’t believe that the teen star is right there in front of them, breathing the same air. 🙂 But of course, I too had some questions to ask.




She has a camera and a notepad so Im guessing shes media.

“Psst…”  He points out.

“She has a camera and a notepad, so I’m guessing she’s media.”




Greyson says with a grin when I was about to go near the mic. I thought he was adorable. :)) And very friendly with the guests! Same goes with the little girl he called “Sweetheart“, the guy whom he complimented saying “I like your shirt” to and the one he actually went down the stage for to clearly hear the man’s question. 




Greyson Gets Up and Asked the Media Guests Question Personally

And from then on, it was hard to get a moment of silence. And really, that wasn’t a bad thing. 🙂 
Take My Heart
“Girl what I give, you can’t put a price tag on it.”
Greyson Listening to the Questions
Greyson faced with a Question about Comparison with Him and Justin Bieber

His answer? *insert mysterious sound effect here*  “We’re all doing our own thing and just because we’re the same age, doesn’t mean we’re the same people.” He was also asked how he separates himself with other singers like One Direction, and with a smile he says, “What I’m thinking about is what I can do to make my stuff interesting and make it a little different, I’m never thinking of them as competition, we’re all musicians, and we all have our fans, we all have our own music.” Greyson maybe young, but his words are of a true musician. His love for music is priceless. He gives his all, not for the sake of being better than another, but to express himself in words and tunes that are all him.




You Might Be The One 

“Some people think it’s stupid, but I don’t think it’s stupid. To be young and put yourself over me. Don’t need directions. This is where I want to be.”




Photo Sunshine 300CMYK2




Even if he’s a talented 15 year old with a really bright future, he still had gone through a hard time finding someone that would take his ideas seriously. But he proves them otherwise. And now his advice to teens who are aspiring to become musicians and songwriters? “Do what you love to do and don’t let anything cloud that. I got into this because I love music. Keep your eye on the prize, to not let people look down on you because you’re younger.” Because he wanted it, with perseverance he was able to perform in front of millions today. It’s his burning passion that keeps him on the right track.




California Sky

“And If I had the time, and I could live a different life.”  




From his music video1

From His Music Video – Sunshine and City Lights 




Chance takes chances. Being an international singing sensation, if he could pursue something other than making music, Greyson would also like to create visual masterpieces. “I would say maybe try, something visual, I love photography. I’m actually really very excited with Sunshine and City Lights.”  He enthusiastically talks about his involvement in the music video’s production, even to the point of personally writing the video’s treatment. “I’m actually loving the video world and so is the visual world, I think a lot of people are gonna be surprised with this video because it’s just shot beautifully, it just looks really really good.” I guess there is more to expect from this talented artist.




Sunshine & City Lights

“Cause I need to go now. Do you want me to stay?”




Photo Sunshine 300CMYKsmall horz2




It’s his third time in Manila, after promoting in Market! Market! and the Trinoma Activity Center, it’s time for him to bid farewell for a while with his Presscon last Monday. But even with the short meeting, thrice is not exactly a coincidence. So When In Manila, let’s all patiently wait for his forth visit. But while waiting, grab a copy of Greyson Chance’s latest album Truth Be Told Part 1, available at Astroplus and Odyssey Music & Video or online via iTunes or www.MyMusicStore.com.ph!




greyson 720px xSo until then, let’s keep hoping to see him again on another tour after this one. 🙂


















Available in CDs at Astroplus and Odyssey Music & Video,  iTunes or www.MyMusicStore.com.ph







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 Greyson Chance Press Conference


November 12, 2012 ; Max’s Restaurant Timog







Greyson Chance: Back in Manila with Truth Be Told Part 1

Get Up Close and Know More About His Music, Plans and What Else He Wants to Try Out Someday!