Goody Hair Days with Goody QuikStyle Hair Products

Goody girls, yes including boys, were treated into a very relaxing day by Goody Philippines as they launch their new hair-care products dubbed as QuikStyle!






I’m not the go-to-guy when it comes to anything that is about hair or hair-care products. But, if you would ask me about it, I have only one brand in mind to suggest, Goody! That’s why, I cannot say anything but “perfect” for their newest offering to the market. It is dubbed as the breakthrough innovation for fast-drying hair by Goody, the Quik Style!




This years’s Goody Come Play event was held at The Spa.



The event was held in a posh spa in BGC, and guests — including me — were treated to a day of nothing but relaxation. Guests were also treated with sumptuous food and desserts. 





Dessert plate for a dessert lover  like me.



Goody macarons!



But first let me tell you what their new product is all about. Being one of the trusted brand when it comes to hair-care, Goody has again after careful studies brings a solution to one of the biggest hair-problems of the girls, dry and frizzy hair!



QuikStyle comb & brush


Goody’s QuikStyle comb & brush



The QuikStyle comes in two hair-care products, a paddle brush and a comb. These products were made to reduce 30 percent of water in the hair after shower. Using these products won’t eat every fashionista’s  time in doing other things, and the good news is it will eliminate the use of blow dry and other heat styling products just to dry their hair which then results to dry and frizzy hair.


The Goody QuikStyle products work within a woman’s normal styling routine, bringing clever enhancements to familiar tools that are thoughtfully designed to save her time.  Now, every woman can spend less time styling and more time doing things she truly enjoys. 

brush single 2

The QuikStyle Paddle Brush



The paddle brush is designed for detangling and drying wet hair, it helps reduce 30% of water in the hair after shower. This revolutionary new paddle brush allows for quick removal of excess water and styling with or without a hair dryer. Its super-absorbent microfiber bristles wrap around wet hair like a towel to absorb water with every stroke, while ball-tipped bristles detangle and smoothen hair, remaining comfortable on the scalp.





The microfiber bristles of the QuikStlye paddle brush.




The QuikStyle Water Wicking Detangling Comb



The Water Wicking Detangling Comb, on the other hand, is a slim and full-size comb that separates and smoothens hair while wicking away excess water before leaving the shower. It glides easily through hair, detangling and removing excess water, while a convenient hook allows for easy access in the shower.





The QuikStyle comb



If I tell you that I use it, would you believe me? But yes, I use it! And yes it does help in reducing water in my hair. And if you have not given your girlfriends something last Christmas, this would be a perfect gift idea — also for birthdays! The QuikStyle products are now available in leading department stores in the metro. 








Goody Philippines

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Goody Hair Days with Goody QuikStyle Hair Products


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