GOOD VIBES: Man Keeps A Cool Head After Road Accident, Gets Something Unexpected In Return

When In Manila, the bad traffic can get to our nerves and more often than not, this affects our disposition. We usually end up in foul moods just because of the disruption that this hassle brings. Despite this, one man decided to keep a cool head after being bumped by a stranger on the road. His gracious reaction instantly brought him good karma as the person who hit his car owned a cattle farm and offered to teach him to learn how to grow cattle for his farm for free! Talk about good vibes.

james-deakin-2Source: James Deakin

Full text by James Deakin:

A problem is always measured by how you react to it. Keep a cool head out there, folks. And share the good vibes. There’s not enough of it aroundÂ đŸ™‚#PickYourBattles

It pays to keep your chill. What do you think about this?


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