#GOALS: This Girl Shares How She Managed To Lose Weight In 7 Months!

Most of us are victims of unwanted weight gain.

Getting old, having slower metabolisms, frequent snacking, regular alcohol drinking, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) – these are just some of the common reasons why our body keeps most fats than needed instead of burning them.

We’ve all seen successful weight loss stories of popular celebrities, such as Erwan Heussaff and Raymond Gutierrez. Yes, we deemed their transformation inspiring. However, some of us felt like the whole thing was easier for them because they have all the means in the world.

Well, here’s a story of a girl who managed to lose weight in just a couple of months! Chang Tadano is just like you and me, except the fact that she is really determined to achieve her fitness goal. No excuses, she worked hard to be the best version of herself.



Luckily, she shared her whole routine and some tips that led to her success. According to her, she only did two things: workout and diet.

She took advantage of the internet for her daily workout routine.  She tried different exercises depending on the body parts that she wanted to enhance.  According to Chang, she would go to the gym five times a week and did mostly cardiovascular training.

Next, she took in lots of liquids in the form of lemon water and green tea. She also said no to rice, white bread, oily food, salt, sugar, preservatives, pork, crackers, soda, flavored drinks, dairy, fast food, and alcohol. Instead, she ate vegetables, chicken, and fish. She also made sure that she rewards herself through a cheat day every Wednesday.

Read her full post below:

Please remember that it would still be best to consult your physician before you do any of these.

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