Go Karting in Kart Trak: An Adrenaline Sport

Go Karting in Kart Trak: An Adrenaline Sport


When in Manila and wanting to try out an adrenaline-filled sport, don’t look far. Just try Go Karting in Kart Trak!


I’ve never been a fan of cars, but by enlisting for a Motorsports PE class, I got to try one of the best sports Manila has to offer. With many other attractions around the area like SM MOA, Star City, Ocean Park or even CCP, this track is often overlooked. Kart Trak is just across World Trade Center, directly behind Wensha.


Go Karting in Kart Trak


In class, we are taught some lectures a bit similar to racing and driving schools, where I learned about the responsibility that comes with racing. It is often stressed that safety always comes first, so I have become excruciatingly careful whether driving or just crossing a street. Seeing this signage in the track made me feel a lot more nervous.


Excited, jittery with everything amplified by adrenaline rush… I guess everybody was overwhelmed on the first time. This isn’t just like taking a roller coaster ride. In a roller coaster, your safety is more or less assured and you get to experience the same ride as the other passengers. However, racing in a Go Kart, you get full control.

Safety and speed are alternately screaming in your head to be noticed. With the fear of making a mistake at every delicate turn, you get a mix-up of heightened emotions. Every drift still made me flinch even after a while. But it’s all worth it after getting comfortable. The things you try to do after getting used to it is the beginning of the hype. This feeling is exactly why people enjoy this sport.


Don’t worry too much, though, because marshals are always on guard. Just raise your hands when you’ve crashed and they’ll put you back into the track. There are also stacked tires on the sides to lessen the impact. You can ask for their guidance anytime because the marshals there really know what they’re doing. They double as mechanics of the karts, and they know which one is fast, slow or even which one fits your size best.

Yes, Go Karts come in different sizes to accommodate all types of people and still make the ride comfortable. There is a different kart that suits a different type of driver. In our case, we also had our professor Ivan Isada, who happens to be a national champion in rally racing. He also teaches in a racing school so I know we’re in really good hands.


Don’t be intimidated by the danger this sport poses because safety measures are strictly practiced and I’ve heard of kids as young as seven years old starting with Go Karts. I have quite a poor heart for dangerous sports but I actually enjoyed it! That high feeling makes up for everything else and makes me want to go back there soon. The money paid is actually well worth it. Php 500 for the Kart rental, Php 150 for suit rental then Php 30 for the shoes. The suit and shoes are optional, so you can just come in proper attire like long sleeves and pants as another safety measure.


There is really something with racing that even just watching on the sides can give you that delight. I never knew what was enjoyable in watching races. But after experiencing all this, I finally understood how the satisfaction guys get with just watching cars overtake each other. Just with the look on the faces of my classmates and professor, guys and cars apparently go well together.


If you dream of someday becoming a Formula One driver or professional racing, make sure not to miss this experience. There is much more to this sport than the misconception that it’s just reckless speedy driving. It involves discipline and responsibility. Motorsports is currently still not that popular in the Philippines, but there are still the passionate people who keep it going. Moreover, there are  racing schools and tracks available around. 


So, whether you’re really into the fancy world of racing or just want to try a new adventurous stress reliever, you don’t have to look far because when in Manila, you can start off with Go Karting in Kart Trak! 🙂



Kart Trak Boomland


Boom na Boom Jalandoni St. Roxas Blvd, Pasay City

 Business hours:
Tues-Fri 4pm-12midnight
Sat-Sun 3pm-12midnight



Go Karting in Kart Trak: An Adrenaline Sport