Manila Drift School – Drifting Fast and Furious in the Philippines

When I was invited by my friend, Brent Co of, to try their “Drifting Classes,” my first thoughts were HELL YEAH!!! My second thoughts were : What the hell am I getting myself into now….


Indeed, this was a scene that happened 2 fast 2 furious for me!

We were asked to find an old abandoned lot in the middle of Libis, Eastwood City. It looked like an old factory lot that had seen better days a long time ago. Immediately after arriving, we’re told to get in the car.


My mind was barely getting up to speed with where we were and what we were going to do, but already, I’m being shoved into the passenger seat of a car that looks like it could outrun a bullet!

Drifting-School-Manila-Philippines-Drift-WhenInManila (19) Drifting-School-Manila-Philippines-Drift-WhenInManila (3)

Next thing I knew, rubber was flying and our wheels were burning! It’s a totally different point of view to see drifting from inside the cockpit! I wasn’t used to being in a car that was driving sideways. It looked as if we were about to hit the wall every time! This of course, was not the case as my crafty driver, Jason “The Destroyer” Choachuy, would quickly pull some crazy maneuvers which would have us drifting around the course.


Drifting refers to a driving technique and to a motorsport where the driver intentionally oversteers, causing loss of traction in the rear wheels through turns, while maintaining vehicle control and a high exit speed. A car is said to be drifting when the rear slip angle is greater than the front slip angle prior to the corner apex, and the front wheels are pointing in the opposite direction to the turn (e.g. car is turning left, wheels are pointed right or vice versa), and the driver is controlling these factors. As a motor sport, professional drifting competitions are held across the world.


In short, drifting is cool.

The funny thing was how my jaw pretty much dropped while I was In that passenger seat. I’d honestly never been in a car that went that fast, so it was really a new experience for me. My adrenalin was pumping and it felt much more exciting than any roller coaster I’ve been on! Needless to say, I had a mouthful of burnt tires and gravel after my drifts around the course.


My friends, David and Paula Feliciano, of DMF Drift, teach drifting here in the Philippines. They provide the car, the tires, the course, the knowledge and the lessons. You just need to bring your balls…


Two important things I learned that day were:

  1. Don’t leave your mouth open when drifting and
  2. When In Manila, you totally need to take some drifting classes with the Drift Masters of the Philippines!

Fast-and-Furious-Drifting-Manila-Drift-Philippines Burnt-Rubber-Tires-in-my-Mouth-from-Drifting

Activity: Drifting Classes / Drift School

Cost: Approx P15,000 Philippine Pesos per day ($300 US Dollars)


Contact Name: David Feliciano / Paula Feliciano of DMF Drift

Mobile No: +63917-8490734




Facebook: Racing Asia Facebook Page






More thanks: Brent Co / Jason “The Destroyer” Choachuy


Facebook: AutoIndustriya Facebook Page






Car 1 info: nissan skyline r34 4-door
rb25 neo turbo engine
momo interiors
Car Sponsors: dmfdrift, blitz, goodyear racing, momo and autoplus sportzentrium.

Car 2 info: Nissan Cefiro A31 RB20DET engine
Performance modifications: HKS GT2530 turbo, HKS intake, Drift intercooler, Autoplus intake manifold, Fremuff exhaust system, NIStune ECU, AEM methanol injection
Suspension modifications: Ultra Racing chassis stiffening bars, XYZ Drift Spec Coilovers, DMF rollcage
Exterior: A-toy Custom Drift Bodykit, Rota P45R wheels, Kumho KU31 Tires
Interior: Recaro Furious racing shell, Momo safety harness, Momo Atomic Steering wheel, shift knob and pedals
Sponsors: Kumho Tires, A-toy Bodykits,Recaro, Informatics Valenzuela, Rota Wheels, Momo, Autoplus, Motul, DuPont, Motor Pro, Fil Carrozzeria, Optima Batteries, Ultra Racing, Fremuff, Alpine, DMF Drift, H&R Suspension, Remixx Clothing.


The face says it all


Manila Drift School – Drifting Fast and Furious in the Philippines

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