Gifts for Tito or Tita of Manila 2020: 5 Best budget-friendly humidifiers

Having the right level of humidity helps achieve a comfortable home environment. Humidity plays an essential role in everyone’s health. If it is too dry, it can lead to health issues like dry lips and nose bleeding. When you breathe dry air, it can strain your respiratory system, which can cause sickness. To ensure that the proper level of humidity is achieved in your home, you need a reliable humidifier.

Here are our recommendations and you can even buy online to give as a gift any Tito or Tita of Manila.

Xiaomi Sothing Deer Humidifier

affiliate lazada 3 xiaomi sothing deer humidifier

This deer light ambient humidifier looks like a deer trotting in the snow. It is electroplated with rose gold antlers. It is a suitable option for a gift. As a whole, it is a mix of classy and cute device.

This humidifier has a uniform nanometer water mist. It soothes the mind and body and leaves you fully satisfied. It does not wet the table. The built-in feature in this ‘ultrasonic atomizing device’ creates a comfortable and moist living atmosphere. It creates a comfortable environment. It relieves dry skin and respiratory problems which is caused by low air humidity.

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ZUZG Electric Humidifier

affiliate lazada 5 zuzg electric wood humidifier

This device is perfect for aromatherapy, humidification, purification, and if you are in need of a night light. It comes with seven LED color options. With its one-touch key operation, it is very easy to use.

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Baseus Smart Humidifier

affiliate lazada 2 baseus smart humidifier

The Baseus smart humidifier offers up to 10 hours of humidifying power for your bedroom, home office, or any room inside the house. It doubles as a night light, which is perfect in your bedroom. Its quiet yet large mist quickly relieves of dryness. It has two levels of humidification—level 1 offers large sprays for rapid humidification and level 2 brings the effect of delicate moisturizing.

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Lasco Smart Humidifier/Diffuser

affiliate lazada 1 lasco smart humidifier diffuser

This device is a smart humidifier and diffuser in one. It can be operated using the Lasco Skill on Alexa App or Lasco Home on Google Home. It responds to voice commands and is accessible through an app. It can be turned on and off, change its colors, and control it from anywhere using a smartphone. A super quiet device, it used advanced ultrasonic technology to keep the air pure with zero noise to guarantee a good sleep.

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Tylex Mini Portable Air Humidifier

affiliate lazada 4 tylex mini portable humidifier

Offering up to 8 hours of continuous humidifying inside your home, the Tylex mini portable humidifier also works as a car air purifier. Since it is mobile, you can simply charge it and bring it when you drive. It has colorful lights that make it work like a lamp.

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