Get That V-Shape Naturally With This Multitasking Mask!

Whether in sheet form or liquid form, we love facial masks. They give our skin that extra glow and some pampering from stressful environments. Oftentimes, however, we have one to three types of facial masks that address different problems. Why can’t one be enough?

Why do we have multiple types of facial masks in the first place? One reason is we Filipinas usually want whiter skin, and there are a ton of whitening masks and products out there. Two, from the heat and polluted air we brave everyday, we want moisturized and supple skin.

ultimask 5

Ultimask is a sheet mask that whitens, moisturizes, and contours your jaw. Aside from that, it also addresses dark spots, oil correction, and acne prevention. Thanks to its Strawberry, Lemon, Grapefruit and Orange fruit extract, it can definitely help ease skin problems.

ultimask 3

The way the mask is used is a bit unusual. You place the four holes around your ears to lift the facial skin and neck, resulting in a firmer jawline. Another great thing about this type of mask is that it doesn’t fall off! You can do whatever you want while leaving it on your face for 15-20 minutes.

ultimask 2

Ultimask view from the side, fitted holes around the ears for a secure and tight fit.

The essence of the mask is packed with plant extracts, fruits extracts, and Snail Essence. Ultimask is sold in bundles of five for P750 or a bundle of 9+1 for P1350. 

I’m Guilty is a store that offers unique and effective skincare products at budget-friendly prices. They will be releasing more products soon: collagen ready-to-drink beverages, whitening and anti-aging capsules, serums and more.

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