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When in Manila, women love getting their nails done. Besides helping them look good on the outside, it also gives them the much pampering they need for just a few hours.

When I was younger, I remember getting my nails done in beauty salons. They would cut my hair while trimming my nails. Today, however, there are specific places to go to that focus mainly on caring for our hands, feet, and nails. Nails salons and spas are slowly growing all over the Metro. I was lucky enough to have been invited one of them.

Get Polished is a nail spa (now on its 3rd year) that really gives every woman the pampering she deserves. I visited their branch  in Timog, Quezon City, though they also have two other branches in Aguirre, Parañaque and Loyola Heights, Katipunan. I was told that their branch in Timog is the smallest, and I fell in love with it anyway; so what more their other branches? Upon entering the spa, you will be welcomed by their very hospitable staff, as well as beautiful purple wallpapers and green couches.

I don’t really get my nails done often because I usually don’t find the service worth the price that I pay. If it’s too cheap, I usually end up with bloody fingers. If it’s too expensive, I feel like I’ve wasted money since nail polish doesn’t last forever. So, what do I do? Well, GET POLISHED answered my prayers!

Get Polished Nail Spa offers great services and good quality at an affordable cost! And your polish will definitely stay on for more than a week! Mine has already been on for two!

I availed of their signature manicure and pedicure, as well as their gel polish and moisture spa. Upon arrival, I was immediately asked to choose what scrub scent I wanted. They had a variety of scents to choose from, such as Mango and Banana, Peach and Ginseng, and many more!

After that, I was led to a huge shelf full of nail polish colors and was asked to choose which color I wanted! I honestly did not know what to choose! There were so many colors, I was instantly hypnotized. Moreover, the brands they have available are really good. They have brands like Nail Lacquer, Zora, Color Club, and more. Eventually, I narrowed down my choices to just two.

Now it was time to sit down and relax.

Get Polished Moisture Spa Pedicure

The moisture spa started just like any other foot spa. They soaked my feet in warm water and later on started exfoliating. I’m really ticklish, so I really had to suck it in else I would’ve kicked the lady scrubbing me by accident! The scrub scent I chose was Mango and Banana, which they spread all over my feet and lower legs.

The lady massaging me was really nice and would constantly ask me if it hurt. Do not feel shy to ask them to apply more or less pressure as preferred. It was similar to the salt or sand scrub only the grains were a little bigger. I could really feel all of my dead skin falling off! Once it’s done, you will really feel how smooth your legs and feet are!

My friend said that she felt like her feet were no longer her feet. Another thing I liked about the moisture spa was the electric booty! They literally placed our feet inside a sock-like/boot-like thing that was pre-heated by plugging it into the wall. My feet felt really warm and I no longer wanted to remove them! :p This was my first time experiencing it.

I asked Rene, the owner’s daughter, to tell me more about the Moisture Spa Pedicure. Here’s what she said:

“This signature treatment makes skin so soft and touchable its fast becoming the favorite service of Get Polished! client base. An alternative to paraffin wax treatments, GP Moisture spa pedi deeply hydrates the skin using our proprietary Shea butter treatment and heated mittens and booties. This heat therapy allows the rich emollient shea butter to penetrate dry skin and bring it back to its original touchable state.

Get Polished moisture pedicure starts off with a luxurious foot bubble bath, followed by a thorough callus removal and an exfoliating salt scrub. We have 8 signature salt scrub scents to choose from, Peppermint – the all time favorite, lavender&orange, citrus&green tea-my personal favorite, peach&ginseng, tangerine&lemongrass, mango&banana, melon&pears, and the very refreshing cucumber&aloe vera variant. Meticulously custom made, these salt scrubs will make your skin softer, smoother and definitely glowing with radiance after. A pedicure follows this step including nail shaping, cuticle grooming, “dry skin” and/or ingrown removal. Next is the Shea butter treatment where our nail technician will brush on the Shea butter to your feet- from the ankles, soles,and toes. She then will wrap your “buttered”feet and put on the heated booties for 15 minutes. 15 minutes of hydrating goodness which is followed by a relaxing massage for your legs and feet. After which this spa treat is capped off with your choice of imported polish. Get polish carries only imported product lines from Essie, OPI, China Glaze, color Club an Orly.”

Get Polished UV Soak Off Gel Polish

I had always wondered what gel polish was all about and what made it different from regular polish. I was told it lasts longer and helps nails become less brittle. So I decided: why not give it a go? After applying the polish, they used some sort of machine to make it dry faster.

Finally, after an hour or so, it was done. It really felt different and my nails felt much thicker! It has actually already been two weeks since I got the gel polish, but it’s still almost flawless. There are a few cracks here and there, but they’re barely noticeable. Also, just a reminder: the polish does not come off with acetone. You need to head back to the nail spa to have it removed or ask for an alternative method.

Here’s what Rene shared about it:

“UV Soak off Gel Polish is the breakthrough alternative to nail polish. Unlike traditional nail polish, soak-off gel polish is painted on with a brush and each layer is “cured” under a UV light to dry. Soak-off Gels come in a wide array of colors, and has many benefits:

Dry time – The UV light dries the polish within minutes which means no dry time, no smudging, no dents. No more worrying about your keys ruining your mani the second you’re out the spa.
Long lasting – Soak-off Gel lasts from 2-3 weeks with no chipping.
Less damaging – Unlike traditional enhancements you don’t have to fear the drills or filing down of your nails.
Works on natural nails – While you can add length if you choose, Soak-off Gel Polish can be used over a natural nail like traditional polish.
You can layer polish on top – If you want to change your color mid-manicure, you can. Paint right over Soak-Off Gel with regular nail polish and remove it with non-acetone remover.

What about other nail enhancements? Gel polish trumps acrylic nails because – there’s no horrid “nail salon smell” with gel polish, because of the soak off solution it can easily be removed with no damage to the nails whatsoever, nail extensions look and feel more natural, and its perfect for those wanting to grow weak and brittle nails too.

Take note however that Gel Polish should only be applied by professionals, Get Polished offers the full range of Gel Polish services including removal using its own soak off solution to ensure nails come out stronger and less damaged. Using only the best brands we make sure you are given quality service every time.”

Everything I got done felt really good. I felt really pampered and well taken care of. I even started several conversations with the ladies doing my manicure and pedicure. I asked them to explain what they were doing and why they were doing it – and they really knew their jobs. They explained every step clearly and with confidence.

I was told later on that each of their staff members/technicians undergo training at Get Polished to ensure that they give nothing less than the best to their new and returning customers. My friend and I had so much fun!

Whether you’re looking for a place to hang out or a place to really get pampered, Get Polished is definitely the place to be! The staff is really nice, the service is really good, and the place is really cozy! Of course, aside from the services I’ve mentioned above, they also offer other services, including Nail Art, Eyelash extensions, Waxing, Threading, and more!

Also, being that the company has already been around for three  years, they are already open for franchising.

“A simple manicure and pedicure becomes an escape from one’s hectic schedule. Key to this idea is creating a sanctuary for sheer indulgence and pampering. Through the use of creative lighting, soft sound of music and the aroma of essential oils, the entire atmosphere is designed to be relaxing and rejuvenating. Care and attention in a relaxed and peaceful manner brought service to a new level in the Metropolis. The goal is to share the philosophy and values of the company to other entrepreneurs who would like to go into the beauty service industry.”

Get Polished Timog

38 AC Building Mezzanine, Sct. Ybardolaza St. Timog, Quezon City



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