Get in the zone, break! SB19: start of the best

The concept of idol groups is flourishing in South Korea and Japan. While there have been previous attempts on bringing idol culture into the local scene, it didn’t exactly catch on with most people. Back in the day when Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” and Psy’s “Gangnam Style” were constantly blasted on the streets, K-Pop seemed uncool, “jejemon” and overall, too flamboyant for the Filipino masses.

Now times have changed. People started liking K-Pop, K-Dramas and, all things “K” related. The “Hallyu Wave,” or better known as the “Korean Wave,” has taken the country by storm. Since then, more and more individuals have dreamt to someday be like their Korean idols.

SB19 is no exemption to the bunch.

Who is SB19?

They are the first all-Filipino male idol group trained and managed under ShowBT Philippines Corp., an entertainment and media contents company that branched out from South Korea to various countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Dubai and, of course, the Philippines. They are considered the “brainchild” of both Filipino and Korean cultures. Aside from giving homage to their company, the “SB” in their name stands for“Sound Break,” to mean that they will break the current norms and stereotypes of “Filipino Idol” sound today. On the other hand, 19 reflects the bond between South Korea (area code 82) and the Philippines (area code 63; 8+2+6+3=19 and 82-63=19).  The number also the represents the age where people are feeling the most passionate.

The group consists of 5 members:

  • Sejun- Leader and Lead Rapper
  • Stell – Main Vocalist
  • Josh – Lead Dancer and Sub-Rapper
  • Ken – Main Dancer and Sub Vocalist
  • Justin – Youngest Member, Sub Rapper and Vocalist

These 5 boys have been training under the company for about 3 years in different areas of entertainment. Each member has their own distinct style, specialization and musical influence (both International and local), yet the group manages to perform together onstage as one seamlessly.

Like their introduction states, “Get in the zone, BREAK! We are SB19!,” they aim to break into the Philippine music scene with dreams of being the male idol group that will represent the Philippines on a global scale much like how K-Pop Idols are right now with South Korea. Their goal is to be an idol group that the Filipino people would be proud to call their own.

SB19: Start of the Best

On October 26, 2018, SB19 had finally made their debut with the song, “Tilaluha.” The song was composed by a prominent songwriter in South Korea but, the lyrics were written by the boys themselves. It talks about unrequited love, so it is sure to have that “hugot” factor that all Filipinos love.

Following soon after, they will have their first fan meet entitled SB19: Start of the Best. The show is meant to be a celebration of their debut after years of training as well as a Christmas gift to their growing fanbase.

Paul Kim, who will host the event, will tell the story of how SB19 came to be. They will be serenading the fans with their original songs, Tilaluha and LG (Love Goes) as well as their own rendition of popular songs, and of course, Christmas carols. The show will also feature a special performance by their fellow SB Talent Camp artist and teacher, Ms. Adie Hong a.k.a. Hongganda.

SB19: Start of the Best truly marks an important milestone not just for the boys’ careers, but also for the Philippine music scene. These boys are the result of being Pinoy at heart despite being trained by the intense Korean Idol System.

Catch them on December 19, 7 PM in Teatrino Promenade and on December 23, 5:30 PM in NCCC Mall Buhangin, Davao City. Admission is free, however fans must pre-register first to save themselves a seat.

For inquiries, you may visit the SB Talent Camp Facebook page ( or email SB Talent Camp(

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