Gerry’s Grill’s Bonding Bundles are Perfect to Bond with Your Loved Ones

There’s no debate on whether we Filipinos like food because we don’t just actually like it, we LOVE it. And our infatuation for food is seen on some of our passed-down manners like waiting for the food of others before you can start eating and making sure you eat together as a family. What I observed over time is how Filipinos also love to bond with our friends and family over food. Usually, it’s disguised as handaan, despidida, celebratory occasions like promotions or when you land a job. Luckily, Gerry’s Grill is introducing various bundles fit for groups of five—another reason to bond over food and another reason to love Gerry’s Grill.


I could start talking about their famous sisig, but let me tell you: they offer more than just delicious sisig. Gerry’s Grill also offers other  Pinoy dishes that you can try through these bonding bundles. If you’re worried about not having sisig or inihaw na pusit in one bundle or beef kaldereta and crispy pata in one set, don’t be! There are several bundles to choose from, each of which has three variants and unique combinations – complete from appetisers to desserts and with different prices to suit your budget. No complaints!

To give you a clearer view of what you can expect, here’s what we enjoyed throughout our kwentuhans:

Here is Set 1B. There’s Sisig, Inihaw na Manok, Kaldereta, Chopsuey and Buko Pandan all for Php 1,500–sulit! After some hefty Kaldereta, get on with some juicy Inihaw na Manok and end with Buko Pandan. Everything in this set is excellent, but the Beef Kaldereta is exceptional. You can really tell that lots of time was spent to make the beef tender.

Bond Over Food With Gerry's Grill Bonding Bundle

Food overload!

Bond Over Food With Gerry's Grill Bonding Bundle

The cheese and Kaldereta? A match made in heaven.

Next, we have Set 2B at Php 1,700 with Sisig, Inihaw na Pusit, Beef Kare-Kare, Pancit Palabok and Leche Flan. What I enjoyed eating the most is the squid because it’s not rubbery at all. The Sisig is always a winner because it’s not your typical Sisig; it’s quite sweet with the chopped onions, but everything goes well together.

To be honest, I haven’t tasted bad Kare-Kare, either; that’s why it’s my favorite. Out of all of the versions I’ve tasted, though, Gerry’s Grill’s Kare-Kare is on the top of my list. Not to mention, you get to end everything with Leche Flan.

Bond Over Food With Gerry's Grill Bonding Bundle

Look at the glazed finish!

Bond Over Food With Gerry's Grill Bonding Bundle

Looking at it again makes me hungry.

Bond Over Food With Gerry's Grill Bonding Bundle

Their Pancit Palabok has different textures from the smooth sauce to the crunchy pork bits.

Lastly, Set 3C is priced at Php 2,100. We opted for Sizzling Sisig, Crispy Pata, Beef Kare-Kare, Inihaw na Tuna Belly, Pancit Palabok and Leche Flan. Basically, Set 3C is the man of your dreams – everything you wanted all in one set. In this set, you get a bit of everything (actually not a bit, but a whole lot). You have your beef, your seafood, your pork and your noodles.

The tuna belly is fresh and the glaze is blended right. Everything about this dish is so perfect that if I had to choose which set to eat forever, it would have to be this one.

Bond Over Food With Gerry's Grill Bonding Bundle

No introductions. Just food.

Bond Over Food With Gerry's Grill Bonding Bundle

Everything goes CRUNCH!

There’s no excuse to not bond over delicious food now that Gerry’s Grill puts a solution to that. With each set, you get to save over Php200, which you can keep or spend on extra rice or a glass of beer. Remember: every food trip becomes worthwhile when you have your family or friends to eat or drink with. Celebrate important occasions or casual family or barkada dinners with Gerry’s Grill and their Bonding Bundles!

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