“Genshin Impact” Voice Actress Harassed by Players for Voicing a Hated Character

A voice actress for the famous mobile game “Genshin Impact” is unfortunately on the receiving end of players’ frustration over a character she voiced who is widely regarded by fans for being the worst five-star character that can be played to date.

Gui Niang, the Chinese voice actor for Sangonomiya Kokomi, was forced to impose restrictions on her livestream chat after angry fans invaded her stream and harass her with complaints about the character.

According to them, she should be held accountable for how Kokomi turned out to be—with a “disappointing kit” and not being able to do much damage.

kokomi genshin impact

Only those with Badge Level 3 memberships can talk in the chat of Niang’s livestreams since the incident.

This isn’t the first time that the voice actors of “Genshin Impact” were criticized and harassed by fans of the game. During a 2.1 update livestream held last August, English dub actors were spammed with hate comments because of starting the stream an hour late and for allegedly not knowing enough about the game and everything that’s being planned for it.

This led Zach Aguilar, the English voice actor for Aether, to tweet about how voice actors are merely doing their jobs and that they shouldn’t be expected to know every single detail of their projects.

“I’m frustrated. Voice actors don’t know everything about the projects we’re in.

We’re normal people with jobs that we do our best on. People make all these assumptions about us and our work, esp with English VAs. There’s a lot we can’t clarify. But mentally, it’s draining,” he said.

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