Gantsilyo Guru Workshops: Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Join

Gantsilyo, meaning crochet in English, is the process of making fabric using a hook and thread or yarn. I first heard of this way back in high school but haven’t had the chance to learn how to do it. Today, Do-it-yourself crafts are starting to get into the market. From simple hobbies, these crafts can now earn you a living. So why not learn from the masters while you can?

I decided to attend a 2-day crochet workshop with no other than Gantsilyo Guru herself, Trey Ajusto and When in Manila, here are my TOP 3 reasons why you should attend crochet sessions with Gantsilyo Guru.

Gantsilyo Guru7

Gantsilyo kits and threads

1. Gantsilyo Guru Sessions are SMALL Group Sessions.

For D0-It-Yourself crafts, it is always better to be included in a small crowd. Especially for beginners, it is easier to learn if the instructor/teacher can check on the students one by one. Also one reason you are sure to finish the workshop learning the correct techniques on how to do the craft.

Ganstilyo Guru sure gives small group sessions. A maximum of 8 students per schedule is allowed so that she can monitor her students one by one.

Gantsilyo Guru13

Gantsilyo Guru teaching a student how to read patterns

During our workshop, we were only 4 in the group, that way, Trey was able to teach us one by one the correct handling of the hook and other crochet techniques.

Gantsilyo Guru9

Day 1: Granny’s Square making with Gantsilyo Guru

Gantsilyo Guru12

 Day 2: Amigurumi making with Gantsilyo Guru

2. Gantsilyo Guru is an Expert.

A nice way to learn is to learn from someone who is already an expert in the craft. Trey Ajusto started crocheting way back when she was in high school. From then on, she was hooked to doing crochet projects, editing patterns and eventually holding workshops for other people to learn.

This is the first pattern we were taught. Single crochet, double crochet, I learned from the best! Gantsilyo Guru herself doesn’t stop teaching even if you already know how to do the basics, she teaches you other techniques on how you can enhance your work.

Gantsilyo Guru6

Single and Double crochet

Gantsilyo Guru8

Starting my Granny’s Square

Gantsilyo Guru11

Kitten Amigurumi by Gantsilyo Guru

3. Gantsilyo Is NOT Just For Old Ladies, In Fact, It’s FUN.

When my friends knew that I will be attending a crochet workshop, they all told me that “Crocheting is for OLD Women“, but after seeing what I’ve accomplished, they were asking me to teach them how to do it.

Gantsilyo Guru10

Until now, I can’t find the reason why crocheting is attributed with old women, for me personally, crocheting is a craft that relaxes my mind. It is a self-fulfilling hobby that makes me feel good whenever I finish a project.

Gantsilyo Guru16

Me and my future Kitty Amigurumi

Gantsilyo Guru19

Almost done with my Amigurumi

After attending Gantsilyo Guru’s workshop, I still can’t stop making random works. I bring patterns, my hook and yarn in the office and find myself crocheting during my free time. Crocheting is fun because of the colorful yarns and the amazing output. On top of that, crochet workshops with Gantsilyo Guru is fun because Trey herself is fun!

Gantsilyo Guru18

 Kim, Gantsilyo Guru and me with our projects!

So When In Manila, if you’re into crafts, or just wanting to learn something new, join workshops by Gantsilyo Guru! Trust me, crocheting is more fun than you think!

Here are her upcoming workshops this June: Click Photo to Register 🙂

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Workshop is on June 15 (Sat.) and June 22 (Sat.) from 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM at Craft MNL.

For more info, visit

Gantsilyo Guru

Gantsilyo Guru20 

Official Facebook Page

Photo Credits to Cholo Isungga and Ivica Rae Say

Write-Up by Ivica Rae Say 

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 Gantsilyo Guru Workshops: Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Join


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