Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience: Yes, That’s Happening!

Game of Thrones is going live, and it’s hitting the road!

Well, sort of. At least its music is, as the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience was just recently announced, to treat fans to a visual and musical experience. The show’s musical scoring is epic, that as much can be agreed on. I mean, who can forget that long harrowing instrumentals at the beginning of season six’s finale episode? Or the legendary Lannister banner song, Rains of Castamere? These songs have all played a part in transcending Thrones from just a TV show to a complete experience.

Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience

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And so, in February 2017, Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience hits the road starting in North America, with composer Ramin Djawadi set to lead the orchestra. The concert is said to feature visuals from the show, and an elaborate set that will surely make the fans go crazy.

Watch the concert’s quick preview below:

Do you wish this concert will tour around the world, too? And hopefully come to the Philippines? Cos we sure do!

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