Galleria Duemila Has Free Admission (and You Can Be Part of the Art!)

Written by Louise De Luna (@louisedeluna) / Photos by Roselleni Calina (@rosellecalina) / Graphics by Keithleen Dicon (@keithleendicon)

Fancy an artsy date around the South? Look no further! Among the many museums in the Metro, tucked in a nook in Pasay, welcoming you with an art piece for its gate is Galleria Duemila. Galleria Duemila roughly aptly translates to Gallery of the 20th Century. It was established in 1975 and houses 20th century works by different prolific modern artists, including Fernando Amorsolo, Fernando Zobel and Cesar Legaspi.

Galleria Duemila-77Facade of Galleria Duemila located along Loring st, Pasay City

The gallery is known for showcasing works from local (#supportlocal!) and foreign artists. They hold exhibitions for different artists or group of artists per month. Right now, the gallery holds Lindsay James Lee or Lindslee’s collection of work entitled Your Personality Is Your Worse Enemy.

Galleria Duemila-38The Myth (foreground) & Validating Beauty (background)

The exhibition showcases the different mediums and styles that the artist works with. Ranging from sculptures to paintings to pop art and even taxidermy. Lindslee’s collection is a combination of classic Greek art, modern art, and a touch of Filipino culture.

Galleria Duemila-50The Consumption 

His exhibit will surely start conversations about our society’s view of itself as it draws from the myth of Narcissus. (Dude in love with himself? Drowned to death? Ring any bells?) With the advent of social media, it is important to differentiate one’s self and one’s projection of self. Many of Lindslee’s works beg the question of why we post the things that we do and for whom they are actually for.

Galleria Duemila-9Not Fair 

Lindslee’s works are loaded with social implications and are created with different materials and styles. This is best shown in Lindslee’s work entitled Not Fair. Not Fair is a statue of a woman reminiscent of Lady Justice made of resin and fiber. However, instead of holding a balance, she’s holding a traditional market weighing scale and a rooster – a touch of Filipino culture.

It is also an interactive artwork where museum visitors can write anything they want on the statue’s wooden pedestal! It allows the audience to be part of the artwork itself.

Check out a few of the museum goers’ works:

Galleria Duemila-15“Your Personality Is Your Worst Enemy”

Galleria Duemila-24“We live in the world of ART”

The exhibit will run until July 29, so you still have time to leave your mark and be part of Lindslee’s Not Fair. Hurry – there’s limited space on that wooden pedestal! There are also more artworks to see and start conversations about, though; and if that doesn’t reel you in, this will: there’s no entrance fee for Galleria Duemila!

Check out this awesome GIF below for a preview of the other artworks you can see there!

Galleria Duemila: LINDSLEE

Galleria Duemila: LINDSLEE

Galleria Duemila

210 Loring Street, Pasay City