Galleria Duemila joins the Art Fair Philippines 2017


Galleria Duemila joins the Art Fair Philippines 2017 on its fifth year at The Link Carpark in Ayala Avenue, Makati. Marking the 41st year of the gallery, Galleria Duemila is proud to present its collection ranging from the 1970’s to the more contemporary times. The gallery has seen through the careers of artists such as Augusto Albor, Mauro “Malang” Santos, Alfonso Ossorio and Lee Aguinaldo. The gallery showcases professional mid-career artists as well such as the likes of Marc Gaba, Monica Delgado and Jinggoy Buensuceso.

One featured work is Josephine Turalba’s “No Way Forward, No Way Back.” “No Way Forward, No Way Back” is a masterful 9:45 minute triptych video installation. Josephine Turalba incorporates performance, video, sculpture and sound to explore issues of violence, migration, struggle of wealth, power and micro-identity. Her projects take a visceral approach to the politics of violence. All of these open a barrage of potent discourse on the present state of politics and its effect within a global scale.

Catch Josephine Turalba’s work and other artworks at the Art Fair Philippines 2017, Galleria Duemila, Booth No. 31, Level 7 at the Link Building, Ayala Center, Makati City on February 16-19 2017.

Our featured artists include:

  1. Donald Sultan
  2. Josephine Turalba
  3. Roberto Robles
  4. Maria Cruz
  5. Augusto Albor
  6. Jinggoy Buensuceso
  7. Ray Albano
  8. Alfonso Ossorio
  9. Manuel Ocampo
  10. Duddley Diaz
  11. Nestor Vinluan
  12. Lee Aguinaldo
  13. Mauro “Malang” Santos
  14. Marc Gaba
  15. Onib Olmedo
  16. Pacita Abad
  17. Monica Delgado
  18. Heri Dono
  19. Junyee
  20. Benedicto Cabrera
  21. Impy Pilapil
  22. Ramon Diaz

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